Fire Country Season 1 Episode 17 Spoilers: Is Jake Innocent?

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An arsonist has been teased for a few episodes now.

And on Fire Country Season 1 Episode 16, things came to a head when the mysterious arsonist set a fire in the neighboring Drake County that put many lives in danger and required multiple firehouses to try and put out.

The fire investigation office found themselves under an accelerated timeline when it appeared that the arsonist was rapidly escalating.

Spoilers - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 17

A quick investigation was launched, and just like with Sharon, it was also a shock for us when Jake was named the prime suspect.

Spoilers for Fire Country Season 1 Episode 17 tease a tense episode as Jake is confronted with the accusations, and everyone works overtime to try and clear his name.

Jake - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 17

Whatever your feelings are about Jake, it is evident that he is not the arsonist.

Even though he might check all the boxes for the profile fire investigation has come up with for arsonists, they have never been so wrong.

Being a firefighter is the only thing most firefighters in Station 41 have ever wanted. Jake is no exception.

It appeared that the investigating officer would hold that against him, claiming it was evidence that he was too enthusiastic about fires. But to be an effective firefighter, you have to care. It's not his fault that he cares more than most.

Jake and Vince - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 17

This accusation will wreck him when he hears it.

Foremost, it is a grave charge. Arson is serious because it usually leads to property loss and, in some cases, life. We still don't know the full scope of the investigation and what they have uncovered.

Apart from intentionally setting fires, if a person died from any one of those, the suspect will be looking at an added murder charge.

On a more personal level, this will upend Jake's life.

The dedication he has to the job is part of who he is. This accusation will not be as simple as most accusations; it will attack who he is as a person when his integrity comes into question. Few things are as painful as discovering what you love the most is your downfall.

Eve and Collin - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 17

Just like we, the viewers, don't believe that Jake is the arsonist, other people in his life will also not believe it.

We already saw it with Sharon when she first learned that someone in her house was being investigated for the fires.

The beauty of growing up in a small community is that people in it get to see you grow; as a result, they know you. Jake grew up with the Leone family, and if there is anyone who knows him, it is his former best friend, Bode.

Bode's bravado can sometimes be annoying, but it gets things done in the spirit of honesty.

Bode Leone - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 17

After the accusation is launched against Jake, everyone rallies around him for support.

Needless to say, they all believe in his innocence. However, it is one thing to believe something and another to prove its truth value. They need more than their belief, and some action is necessary.

Bode and Jake have ups and downs but remain brothers deep inside.

Bode is one to take action, and when he learns of Jake's trouble, he will lead the efforts to clear his name.

Most evidence against Jake is circumstantial, but people have been jailed for less. They will need concrete evidence proving there was no way Jake could have set all those fires, and if they really want him off the hook, they have to find who set the fires.

Collin - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 17

As an inmate, Bode's reach will be limited, so it will be a team effort.

Bode can also come off as careless, especially when he sets his sights on something, which is one trait of his that Vince cannot stand. We might be in for another one of the classic Leone family blowouts.

This will be a true test of the family they claim to be.

I have a feeling they will emerge stronger.

People who watch Fire Country online know that all signs point to the new probie being the arsonist.

Chief Leone - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 17

Colin has all the resources needed to start a fire in the manner the investigator described. He is from a legacy firefighting family and has all the time in the world, but he doesn't like being a firefighter. Still, he seems too enthusiastic about fires and is suspicious as hell.

If there was any doubt, he confirmed his guilt towards the end of "My Kinda Leader" when he seemed oddly interested in Jake's life.

He might be the one setting Jake up.

It will be a while before they figure out who the arsonist is because if it's Colin, he must know how to cover his tracks.

Manny and Sharon - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 17

It doesn't seem like they suspect him since he is seen responding to other emergencies as if it's a regular Tuesday.

Even with all that will happen, emergencies don't take a break, and in the episode, the team responds to a fire that breaks out in a house, putting two women in danger.

After the events of Fire Country Season 1 Episode 15, it looks like everyone is back in their form physically, with Eve responding to the emergency but looks can be deceiving.

Will they be able to clear Jake's name?

Are you ready to see Jake and Bode work together again?

We always love reading your feedback, so don't hesitate to leave a comment.

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Fire Country Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Eve: Probie?
Vince: I thought you were off shift?
Alex: I was close. I thought you could use the help.

Investigator: The department is on the hunt for a serial arsonist. And we've narrowed the search down to this department.
Eve: You think one of us is a firebug?