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A dog comes home to its owner with a human foot in its mouth.

Stan and Ruby meet with Harry’s teacher after getting in trouble for using fat putty during class. She suggests Harry get tested for ADHD, but Stan is bullish.

Annie tries to do something for Ben’s birthday, but he doesn’t want to do anything. Later in therapy, Annie discusses whether or not she’s been neglecting Ben. Later, Gregg tells Annie that Ben had a party at his house while he was out of town and tells her about his friends and interests that Annie isn’t apart of.

Rio meets with Beth and pressures her about opening the hot tub business, reminding her that he still has the gun that killed Lucy with her fingerprints on it.

Lucy’s body is found, and Beth winds up in the emergency room due to stress. She starts taking a fitness class in the park that Phoebe teaches.

After telling Dean they have to get the business opened ASAP, Dean works to get it ready for opening. At the opening, a building inspector shows up and shuts them down. They eventually invite her back and bribe her with money to let them re-open.

Rio tells Beth that he is being looked at for Lucy’s murder. Fearing he will give the cops the gun, Beth devises a plan to get Dean to run the business in her absence. But she changes her mind at the last minute, informing Rio that she has his prints on a print of the fake money, ensuring he won’t turn her into the cops.

After getting Harry tested, Stan and Ruby find out he is a genius.

Beth meets with the hitman, and he tells her that he hasn’t completed the job because he likes her. He then asks her out for dinner.

Phoebe meets with her superiors and finds out that they are looking at Dean as the counterfeiting ring’s mastermind, not Beth.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Annie: Don't tell me, this is the part where you want me to realize out loud that I'm some kind of narcissist and I've been ignoring my son?
Dr. Cohen: The out loud part is optional.

Teacher: I'm afraid there's something deeper at play.
Ruby: What do you mean?
Teacher: Have you ever heard of ADHD?
Stan: Okay, hold on a minute.
Ruby: Fart putty is a disorder now?
Stan: Yeah, I mean, stuff's addictive.