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Phoebe goes to ruby’s nail salon to meet her and get her nails done. She also steals her phone.

Beth and Dean meet with Gayle and offer to buy the hot tub store from her. She gives them a number, and Dean insists they get the money legitimately.

Rio tells Beth that she now has to print the money and wash all of it through the hot tub business.

Stan confronts Ruby over stealing from the crime jar, and he tells her she needs to pay him back.

The ladies devise a plan to steal from Stan’s business. They give the armored truck bags of fake cash in exchange for real ones. They put something in the bag that makes it catch on fire in the truck, so it never makes it to the bank.

Gayle tells Beth that she and Dean did more than kiss.

Beth enlists Mick’s help in robbing the hot tub store, which allows her to buy it from Gayle at a lesser price.

Ruby pays Stan back his money and later accepts the ring he got her.

Phoebe runs into the ladies while they’re celebrating at the park.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Beth: So you want me to print and wash?
Rio: There's a business term for that, what is it?
Mick: Synergy.
Rio: Synergy! Synergy! That's right.

Gayle: Why would I be looking to sell?
Beth: Because my husband's looking to buy.
Gayle: Maybe he should look somewhere else.
Beth: Why is that? You didn't.