Gotham Season 2 Episode 21 Review: A Legion of Horribles

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Jim's got a bit of double vision.

The most exciting thing to happen on Gotham Season 2 Episode 21 wasn't Fish Mooney's return, but what happened to Jim at the end of the hour.

It's getting a little crazy at Arkham. Strange has become drunk with power and is reanimating all of Gotham's monster minds left and right. Even Ethel, aka Ms. Peabody is a little concerned. (Yes, her name is Ethel! Who knew?!)

It's still unclear what Strange's overall plan is bringing people back to life, but we now know that there's someone bigger than Strange pulling the strings. The white haired lady with the weird convoluted voice is apparently a member (maybe even the leader) of the Court of Owls.

I'm not a comic book buff by any means, but the Court of Owls is an organized crime group and secret society that's been in Gotham for a very, very long time.

What the Court of Owls is planning with all these reanimations, who knows? But the head lady isn't too happy with Professor Strange. She orders him to destroy Indian Hill, and that's about all we see of her for now.

But before he gets the orders from headquarters, Strange reanimates a guy by the name of Basil who sort of seems like Clayface, but a little different. He has a really stretchy face, but the real fun stuff he can do isn't revealed until the very end of the hour. 

Granted, it wasn't like he could transform his face on will. He needed a little help from a special metal helmet that had to be put on Gordon's face first, but still. How freaky deaky was that?

I really like how Professor Strange is bringing in a little Jurassic Park to his reborn children. Something was mentioned about an octopod thrown into the mix of Basil's reanimation. How that fit together with all that stretchiness, I'm not sure, but it's going to get crazy with Basil being able to transform himself as Jim Gordon. So now we have a Jim Gordon. And we have a Jim Gordon #2.

That's really going to make for some interesting interactions.

One of the issues Ms. Peabody has is that none of these reborns have a memory. Except that might be changing, because when he brings back Subject 13, aka Fish Mooney, she remembers exactly who she is.

Fish certainly hasn't changed. Except she did. She's still a nutbar, but somehow she's able to make people she touch do what she wants. Better than beating them to death to exact her will I guess.

When a guard comes to give her food, she grabs his arm and demands a grilled cheese sandwich. Something funky happens when he touches her. She can feel it, but it's not clear until he returns a bit later with the sandwich.

Apparently he was just compelled to bring it to her. She knows there's something else going on with her. And if she can manipulate people to her will, oh boy, that's going to spell big time trouble for everyone in Arkham and Gotham.

I can't even imagine what she's going to do with that power. Not even Strange is aware of what she can do yet. But, he's the one who merged her DNA with that of a cuttlefish, so when she decides to take over and kill everyone (and you know she will), he'll deserve everything coming to him.

Down in Firefly's cell, Selina is one lucky girl as she is able to convince Bridgit that as a fire goddess she's going to need a servant. It's such a looney thing to happen, but hey, this whole hour was looney. Hopefully, Selina will be able to manipulate Bridgit to somehow save her silly friends who got themselves locked up at Arkham.

Alfred is down for the count after being beat up by Galavan on Gotham Season 2 Episode 20, so he isn't able to join the fun with Bruce, Lucius, and Jim when they go snooping at Arkham.

I understand the logic behind Lucius' plan, but really? Why would he volunteer to put himself in such a situation? 

I have to admit, I was a bit surprised that the team got busted, but then again, it was sort of ridiculous that Jim thought he could get in with an expired ID. And didn't Lucius spend an awfully long time testing the wall before he made the mark?

How dumb did he really think Ms. Peabody was when he told her the geiger counter was an air quality reader?

I love Ms. Peabody so much. She is snarky in such a beautifully subtle way. My favorite  was this exchange between her and Lucius:

Lucius: Who, umm, designed the uniforms?
Ms. Peabody: Do you have much training in mental health, Mr. Fox?
Lucius: None at all.

At least Lucius admitted he was out of his league with crazies being all touchy-feely with him.

I would absolutely love to see Peabody and Fish interact at some point. And you know it's going to happen. I think Ethel would win that knockdown hands down.

The entire scene between Strange and Bruce was incredibly well done. I loved how Strange baited Bruce. What did Bruce really think he was going to be able to do once Strange admitted he did indeed (well, not in so many words) kill Bruce's parents?

Three goofballs trying to take down a man who puppeteers reanimated monsters doesn't seem like a very fair fight.

I'm not sure if I like the idea of Nygma siding with Strange, even if it was to save his own skin. Although, he's really taking the crazy to a new level and that's kind of cool.

So what's in store next week? Alfred realized something was wrong and went to acting captain Bullock. Bullock pulled a Barnes and gathered all his cops to storm Arkham, but is that really going to work?

I doubt Nygma is going to gas Lucius and Bruce, but who knows how far Nygma will go to stay away from that crazy tooth guy.

I'm especially excited about Jim Gordon and Jim Gordon #2 and how that's going to throw a wrench in everything. Fish isn't going to stay quiet either, and I doubt that a rocket launcher is going to save the day this time around.

I guess we'll have to wait and see! I can't wait! Can you?

What did you think of "A Legion of Horribles?" What do you think Fish will do with her new powers? And how will Jim get out of his predicament? How do you think the season will end? Share your thoughts in the comments below,

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A Legion of Horribles Review

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