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Bruce and Alfred have the knife analyzed by a historian and his grandson, Dr. Winthrop and Alex. They keep the knife overnight to analyze.

Ed is in a warehouse trying to come up with riddles, but it's not working. He makes a plan to kill Oswald.

Winthrop reads the saying on the knife. Someone is in the museum as Winthrop is talking to Alex about the legend of Ra's al Ghul. There's a knock on the door. It's Ra's al Ghul come looking for the knife. He kills Winthrop and goes looking for the knife. Alex is hiding and freaked out of his mind.

The police investigate the crime. Harper is on the scene while Bullock is taking a few days off. Bruce shows up. Harper hasn't seen Alex. The knife is gone. 

Jim talks to Bruce about the knife. He wants to come with Jim to help investigate the case. Bruce tells Jim that Barbara was interested in buying the knife.

Barbara has two guys (Anubis) to go after the knife per Ra's. One of the guys is like a dog.

Sofia visits Penguin. He's concerned Sofia is there to take over. She claims she's there for charitable purposes. He's being paranoid. She tries to convince him otherwise and is successful.

Jim visits Barbara's place. He wants to know about the knife. Bruce shows up and asks about Ra's al Ghul. Barbara denies knowing who he is. Bruce is insistent on helping Jim, but he wants to know about Ra's al Ghul. Bruce tells him that Ra's is the real leader of the Court of Owls. They talk about the knife.

Harper calls and tells him she can't find Alex. Bruce and Jim heads over to Gotham Library where they think Alex is.

Ed sent a couple of guys over to send a message to Penguin. Penguin doesn't know what the riddle is. He wants Victor to freeze him again.

Jim and Bruce are at the library looking for Alex. Ra's al Ghul's goons show up at the library. They attack him and Alex, but they're able to get away thanks to Jim.

Ra's al Ghul shows up in a suit. He and Jim talk. Ra's wants to see the knife, but Jim doesn't have it.

Alfred storms in and punches Ra's who has vanished.

Sofia is with a few of Carmine's dons. they want to know Carmine is back, but Penguin shows up before they can leave. Victor kills the dons while Sofia is with Penguin. Sofia insults Penguin and his way of doing things. 

Alex tells Bruce about the legends about the knife. The goons show up at the museum and Bruce and Alex run. The goons can't find them.

Alfred is still upset with Jim. He's suspicious of Bruce and Alfred and what they have been doing. 

The guys are back with another message for Penguin from Ed. Penguin can't figure out Ed's riddles.

Jim shows up at the museum to save the boys before the goons can get them. Bruce and Alex take off while Jim gets attacked.  Alex comes back to save Bruce. Jim gives the dog guy a bone and throws him out the window and kills the other guy. Ra's shows up who is holding Alex hostage. 

Bruce starts telling Jim about Ra's and refuses to give the knife and Ra's kills Alex. Ra's drops to his knees and they arrest him. He's being sent to Blackgate.

Jim tries to find out more answers about Ra's. Bruce is devastated about Alex. 

Ed shows up at Penguin's club looking for him. Penguin taunts Ed. Penguin is going to freeze him again, but changes his mind because The Riddler is no longer the Riddler. He's Ed Nygma. Something has changed in Ed.

Sofia is telling Jim a story about her father. Jim wants to know what Sofia is going to do, but she won't tell him other than she'll give him back the city. Then they start kissing.

The cops bring Ra's to Blackgate. He seems happy about it.



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You like this me better?

Jim; You seem different. Barbara

New times. New methods.