iZombie Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Cape Town

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As if The CW lineup wasn't totally packed with superheroes already! 

Liv took her crime-fighting to the next level on iZombie Season 2 Episode 9, after she ate the brains of a murdered vigilante.

Her costume might not have concealed her identity as well as The Flash or the Arrow's getups, but she's got zombie powers to help her out when her villains get a little rough! 

This review comes to you in four parts!

Part 1: Liv to the Rescue

The superhero subplot is admittedly a pretty hilarious way to poke fun at iZombie's super friends on the network. After all, we can't forget that iZombie is actually another DC comic, in the exact same universe as Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and more. If The CW was feeling really ambitious, they could have Oliver Queen take a trip to Seattle to pal around with Liv and Ravi.

And now that's something I desperately want to see. Dang it. 

Ravi: Oh, Mighty-Whitey! What do you think?
Liv: I think I would be the Klu Klux Klan's favorite superhero.

Unfortunately, this glib little reference to masked vigilantes and caped crusaders turned into a massive distraction that really had no business taking up so much time in a mid-season finale episode. Fans were ready to see Major's assassin secret get discovered, Mr. Boss make big moves, Blaine's father return, etc.

None of the major plots or players did much of anything in "Cape Town," while plenty of time was dedicated to Liv's confusing quest to solve a fellow superhero's murder. 

Ultimately, the murder of the week took precedence, when literally anything else would have been more appealing.

The one important fallout of this story was Babineaux's split with Liv. Now that she's no longer welcome to tag along and solve crimes, what on earth will Liv do with her zombie visions? 

Part 2: Quality Time with Major

I have to say, I'm a huge fan of the admittedly random but very sweet heart-to-heart Major had with Natalie. 

Hearing about the effects of brains from a third-party was exactly what Major needed to put Liv's struggles into perspective. The disconnect between the two of them has never been bigger, but after chatting with Natalie – and then putting her in a freezer – Major made some pretty huge realizations about just how drastically turning into a zombie can change your life.

Unfortunately, said realizations came at a bad time for Liv.

Can we just be honest for a moment? We both know deep down that this can't work. Being a zombie has changed me. You love the woman I was before, you tolerate the woman I am now.


Having it out right after Liv lost her purpose in life was probably not a great idea, and it led to the big goodbye for our favorite zombie-human couple. These two have been headed for a breakup for a while now. The lying, the sex restrictions, the brainy mood swings; they all compounded to cause problems between Major and Liv that were insurmountable. For now at least.

I'm still waiting for Major's Max Rager shoe to drop. How on earth will Liv react to that?

Part 3: Drake the Friendly Zombie

The newest zombie on the block is named Drake, and he's kind of cute! 

Sure, he's a probable drug dealer working for Mr. Boss, who has a sketchy relationship with Blaine, but he's cute nonetheless! His clues about where to find the tainted Utopium should also come in handy, as Liv and Ravi try to recreate the cure.

After all, there are about to be quite a few people depending on this cure coming to fruition! 

I'm mostly interested in Drake's potential relationship with Liv. She did say she and Major needed to be "with their own kind" and Drake is Liv's first zombie-progeny. They had a friendly vibe going on at the mortuary, despite Drake's allegiance to Blaine, and I could see Liv taking him under her wing and teaching him the zombie ways. 

Part 4: Abandon All Hope

Hope, our adorably-named, cured zombie rat is cured no more! 

This reveal was perhaps the best of the season so far, as we're now all waiting for both Blaine and Major to slowly slide back into the zombie life. Blaine might be happy about it, but what about Major? Something tells me he won't be stoked on his transition to the undead. 

Could this be a second chance for Liv and Major, now that he's technically one of her kind? Time will tell! 

Other Thoughts:

  • Seriously, is Liv's family gone for good? Inquiring minds want to know.
  • For that matter, where was Peyton? Someone put a leash on that girl!
  • I hope we see more of Natalie and Drake. They were a breath of fresh zombie air! 
  • Ravi's giddy excitement over Liv's superhero status was adorable! He and Cisco from The Flash would have a great time together. Just saying.

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Cape Town Review

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iZombie Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Dammit Don. E, I'm a brain dealer not a doctor!


Major: You should have been able to see from your snooping that I haven't texted her since you and I got back together.
Liv: How do I know you didn't call her from a landline?