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Eve meets Carolyn, who tells her that she will never get with Villanele and that she should calm down. 

Eve leaves the meeting and doesn't get the eggs. 

Eve goes to the office, which has been raided, so she looks more into the Twelve. 

Bear finds a card the company is using and realizes it is in Scotland. 

Eve goes there. 

Dasha and Vilanelle prepare to kill a man, but Vilanelle swings the golf club at Dasha.

Eve shows up as Vilanelle runs off and Eve tries to finish off the job. 

The police arrive and she runs off. 

Eve catches up with Konstantin who has taken a heart attack. He says Vilanelle is on the train and Eve goes after her. 

She misses her. 

Konstantin survives and wakes up in hospital, next to Dasha. 

Carolyn gets the call that Mo has been murdered and flips out. 

Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Thank you for the inappropriate touching. It was actually pretty nice.


Eve, I won’t have my investigation derailed by an undiagnosed, and frankly, a little trying, Messiah complex.