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A young girl named Dasha practices gymnastics in Moscow in 1974. A fellow gymnast kisses her in the locker room and she kills him.

An unknown bride is giving a heartfelt speech at her wedding. The person she just married is Villanelle. Villanelle gives a speech about how she's grateful to have met Maria because of her wealth.

She explains that she met her at a time when she was going through a really bad breakup. She keeps looking around as if she's waiting for something to interrupt her wedding.

At the reception, Villanelle spots an older woman who she seems to know, and attacks her. It erupts into chaos, and Villanelle and the woman run away.

Back in London, Carolyn discovers an old co-worker named Paul has been assigned to oversee the desk at MI6. They don't get along.

Carolyn is under scrutiny from her supervisor for her unauthorized work with Villanelle and Eve.

Eve is in New Malden, England. She shops in a grocery store and is still dealing with her injuries.

Villanelle is in Barcelona. The old woman is revealed to be Dasha. She tries to get Villanelle back into the assassin network. She offers her all the wealth she could imagine.

If she's successful in convincing, she'll be allowed to go back to Russia. Villanelle tells her she wants to be "a keeper", a position even higher than Konstantin.

Kenny's working as a journalist and won't stop researching The Twelve.

Eve is working in a restaurant kitchen.

Villanelle has to prove herself to be promoted to keeper. 

Konstantin recieves a note that says "Time to go fishing."

Kenny visits Eve because he's worried about her. He tries to get her to get back into the game, but she refuses. 

Villanelle kills the storeowner she was assigned to.

Eve visits Niko in a mental hospital, where he ends their relationship.

Eve goes to meet up with Kenny at his new job. She can't find him and then hears a loud bang. Someone pushed him off the top of the building and he died.

Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

This is my special day!


When I think about my ex today, I realize I am so much happier, now that she's dead.