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Benson is on the stand and being cross examined by a defense attorney played by Callie Thorne. She wants to file a motion to dismiss. The judge says he's thinking of dropping all charges and wants to see counselors in his chambers right now.

Benson meets with her personal trainer later and then runs into Staines on the street. Staines offers her a ticket to a police charity party. Benson says that's unethical and anyway she already has a ticket.

At the fundraiser, Dodds introduces Benson to Rob Miller, a lawyer for the cops against Staines. Both Benson and Rollins feel Miller is hitting on them.

Later Staines is stumbling around like she's drunk (or drugged?)

Someone calls the cops after finding Staines passed out on some stairs in an apartment. Staines wakes up and says help. Fin and Rollins come to the scenes. Nikki says she can't remember what happened to her and must have been drugged.

Staines tries to tell Rollins how to do the rape kit. Rollins tells her she has to let them do their jobs. Staines want to call her daughter. Her phone is not in her purse. Fin says that's everything she had on her. She says she needs her phone, it has sensitive info on it. She implies it disappeared while she was in police custody.  

Tox screen was inconclusive for drugs but she was drunk. Benson says that doesn't mean anything. No DNA, no tearing or bruising. Carisi isn't happy to be dealing with Staines because she is suing the city. Anyway, he finds out that one of Staines' former clients just got out of jail. They interview the guy and he says that all he knows is Staines was paranoid about the FBI raiding people's offices and filmed people on their phones.

Staines tries to accuse the cops of trying to cover up the fact that a cop did this to her.

Rollins thinks it's possible a cop did this. Carisi thinks she's suing the cops and is suspicious. Benson says they will have to subpoena all the cops. Dodds gets mad and says he thinks Nikki is making this up -- does Benson actually have a case? Benson believes that Nikki was drugged and assaulted. Dodds tells her to talk to Miller.

Miller gives Benson a list of sex offenders in the area. Miller also says they have to discuss the credibility of her victim. He also tries to ask Benson out. Benson calls Rollins who is suspicious of Miller. She goes to see a barista who used to work as a lawyer with Miller. He doesn't want to talk about it. Rollins says it's just between them. He says that Miller fired him and blackballed him from every firm in town when he tried to get a job with a rival firm.

Nikki tells her daughter no social media til she gets a paper done. She goes into the other room and rants at Rollins. Nikki says she's not herself since this happened. Rollins says she knows how hard this can be. Rollins asks her about Miller. She says things have always been collegial. Rollins shows her the records Miller gave her. Nikki says why is he doing this?  Nikki says the sanction was never on the record, so how did Rob Miller even know about it?

Rollins goes to see the judge and accuses him of leaking the info. He threatens her. Rollins leaves.

Carisi talks to a professor at Fordham who says Judge Leonard plagarized a law article and Miller took care of it.

Benson is getting ready for her date with Miller when Rollins comes back. Rollins tells her about Judge Leonard and the plagarism issue. Benson says she is having a drink with him to find out what he's up to.

Benson says that she can't drink any more wine because she has to get her son. Miller says he's trying to help her with her case. He offers his DNA. He's sure the busboy is a crime scene unit. Benson says he forgot to mention some things about him and Nikki Staines. Will it be a match to what's in the rape kit? He says they had a drunken but completely consensual encounter in the back seat. His driver will back him up. He says he left this all out because he's a gentleman. BEnson says I can get a warrant for your arrest. He says he can't.

Nikki suddenly doesn't want to move forward with the case. She says she is in a custody battle for her daughter.

Benson gets pulled over all of a sudden. The cop accuses her of being drunk. Noah looks scared. The cop suddenly decides to get aggressive with Benson.

Benson goes to see Dodds. She is angry. They scared Noah. She thinks Miller is behind this. She asks does Miller have something on Dodds. Dodds denies that. He says she's just upset. Dodds says he's not saying she's wrong about Miller, but if we strike at the king and miss it will be both our heads on the chopping block.

Dodds goes to see Miller and tell him he has to get rid of Nikki's phone to stop Benson from investigating. Miller says relax, Nikki says the sex was consensual. And there's nothing about him on the phone. Dodds says you have it? Miller says Nikki was blacked out and doesn't remember anything. He says he will take care of it if Nikki decides to testify. Miller asks if Dodds is wearing a wire and threatens him. Benson shows up to arrest him. Miller tries to claim attorney-client privielge. Carisi tells him that doesn't work. 

After Miller is arrested, Benson asks Dodds about the memo Miller threatened him about. He says he'll give it to her.

Later, Benson reads it (but not to viewers) and asks Fin if he knew about this. He says he did but Benson's job is not in jeopardy. He has her back.

Nikki comes to see Benson. She cries about the rapists she's put back on the street. Bensons comforts her and says she will get past this.



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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 18 Quotes

Dodds: Detective. Sergeant. Am I allowed to say how wonderful you look tonight?
Benson: Only if you say the same to Fin and Carisi.

Two hours of glad handling the brass. I am so ready to go home and put my feet up and watch TV.