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Benson video chats with Barba who is in Iowa checking on election integrity. He asks how she is doing after Tucker and wishes her a happy early birthday.

Coming back out into the squad room, Benson discovers she forgot about Kat's boxing match that they're all going to. She can't go. Fin is sure she will be okay given time.

At the boxing ring, Kat goes to see her trainer and sees a young girl coming out. Romeo says the girl locked the door and he was fixing her dislocated shoulder. He gives Kat some tips about beating the opponent and sends her away. Kat is suspicious and asks the girl, who tells her to stop interrogating her.

SVU attends the match (minus Benson). Esperanza's father is bragging about her. Esperanza knocks Kat down and wins the match. Romeo is hugging Cammy.

The next morning, Kat comes in kind of down. She tells Benson her suspicions about Romeo and Cammy. Benson tells her to trust her gut.

Benson and Kat talk to Cammy, who insists she's fine. Her grandma comes in as Cammy is leaving. Grandma doesn't know about the shoulder injury but says Cammy is fine.

Benson tries to slow Kat down, who is eager to make this case. They talk to Esperanza and it turns out Romeo set Kat up to lose the fight. Kat thinks it was a message to warn her to keep her mouth shut.

Carisi drops by with soup for Benson that she doesn't want. So does Mrs. Vegas. She says Cammy and Romeo have been sleeping together for two years. Cammy says it's not their business but she and Romeo are in love. Kat wants to arrest Romeo. Fin says first they need to talk to him. He and Kat go to do that while Rollins and Benson talk to Cammy and her grandma.

When Kat and Fin arrive, Esperanza is beating up Romeo. She knocks him down and he hits his head. Kat holds her back while Fin calls for an ambulance.

In the ambulance, Romeo says Kat set him up and then conveniently needs oxygen and can't talk anymore.

At the squad room, Benson will not let Kat talk with Esperanza. She goes to talk to her. Esperanza says Romeo never touched her but is disgusted by what he did with Cammy. Mr. Morales arrives and wants to be in the room. Kat says he can't be. Mr. Morales says to tell his daughter to ask for a lawyer.

Kat passes this message on, freaking out Esperanza and annoying Benson, who drags her into the office and tells her she is too close to this case and not helping anyone. Kat wants to know when Romeo will be arraigned. She thinks he is faking his head injury.

Romeo is arraigned at the hospital. His lawyer tries to get out of the TPO because his client is injured. Judge doesn't listen. As soon as Carisi leaves the room, Romeo codes even though he seemed fine a minute ago. (Did his lawyer do something?) Carisi advises Kat that Esperanza needs a lawyer.

Hadid says they have to forget the rape and charge Esperanza with manslaughter 2.

Esperanza doesn't want a lawyer or anything from her father. She says she was not abused.

Kat interviews some of the witnesses, who are reluctant to take sides. One girl says that Romeo called Esperanza jealous. A manager says Romeo said Esperanza was damaged goods right before she went off. Carisi says if they can prove Esperanza was being abused, it changes the case.

Kat is told not to talk to Esperanza without a lawyer but she does anyway (of course.) She manages to upset her. She realizes Esperanza's father was abusing her. Esperanza gets upset and ends the interview.

Carisi tears into Kat for possibly messing up the case. Benson gets him to back off. He warns Kat not to talk to Esperanza without a lawyer again. He leaves and Benson informs Kat that she is not to do anything without Benson there with her right now.

Fin and Rollins talk to Santos, who says his other daughter died of drugs and he's a good father.

Kat and Benson talk to Esperanza and her lawyer. Esperanza doesn't want to talk about her father despite the lawyer saying she needs to tell the jury how they got here.

Eventually Esperanza admits her father molested her and that Romeo knew and said she was jealous he didn't want her because of it.  Benson mentions her sister. Turns out Graciella is still alive, but when Fin and Rollins talk to her she won't testify unless Esperanza pays her.

Kat and Rollins talk to Carisi and Hadid. Hadid refuses to press charges against Santos and instead will go ahead with the manslaughter case. Kat doesn't understand why Graciella wouldn't help her sister. Rollins says she just wants to get paid.

Esperanza goes undercover, talking to her father in jail and getting a confession. She tries to break the glass and is dragged away. She gets two years for assault in return for her service.

Graciella sets Santos up and he is arrested. She says she is giving Kat her money back. She didn't need to pay her.

Esperanza spends her time in jail on the punching bag. She has a visitor. It is Graciella who says she is sorry and hugs her.



Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Episode 13 Quotes

Kat: Hey Cammy. How's the shoulder?
Cammy: Huh?
Kat: Romeo said he had to pop it back in.
Cammy: Oh. Right. It's fine.
Kat: So who locked the door? You or him?
Cammy: Hey, SVU, pack it up. I'm not an afterschool special.

Benson: You grew a beard?
Barba: I'm in Iowa, trying to blend in.
Benson: Doing what?
Barba: Election fraud. We're living in a dystopian nightmare.