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Someone moves a skateboard and an woman trips over it and starts a fight in the house with her kid. The kid storms out of the house, the dog gets loose a  car accident happens. Uriel is there.

Lucifer is talking to Chloe in her kitchen. he's blaming himself for the accident. He tries to talk to her about her moving in with Maze. Trixie has a temper tantrum and Chloe does the mom thing. Meanwhile, Lucifer is looking through boxes.

Lucifer and Chloe show up at a crime scene. The victim is the star of some action movies. Lucifer tries to take a selfie with the dead star. Lucifer tells Chloe he thinks he knows who the killer is and promises to find him.

Ella wants to talk to Lucifer and Lucifer takes it as she wants to sleep with him which he agrees to. As he's talking to her, he sees Uriel walk past a window. Then he's on the roof and Lucifer goes to the roof. 

Uriel tells him he has 24 hours to return mom to Uriel or he'll kill Chloe.

Maze, Lucifer, and Amenadiel are in the penthouse talking about Uriel. Maze wants to get rid of mum. Amenadiel isn't worried about Chloe, because angels can't kill humans. Lucifer want Amenadiel to confront Uriel. 

Lucifer is at Chloe's office removing all sharp objects from her desk. he's being super protective of her. Dan comes in all in for Body Bags movie. Now Dan and Lucifer are all into the movies. Dan has some information for Chloe.

Lucifer, Dan, and Chloe question Charisma Carpenter who was Wesley's ex.. Lucifer comes up with a catch phrase: Welcome to Devil Time. 

Chloe is watching a Body Bags movie while Dan and Lucifer explain the movie to her. They really get into it. 

Amenadiel visits Mum at work. He confronts her about why she was gone. She tries to play the mom card. 

Chloe and Lucifer are staking out the place where a suspect is hanging out. The suspect comes out and tries to jump a random guy. Chloe arrests him.

Chloe and Lucifer are questioning the "weaponizer". He's working for the mob. Lucifer tries to work his magic on him. A cop comes in to show Chloe a file. The guy's fingerprints were on the murder weapon.

Lucifer doesn't believe this guy did it. Lucifer bailed the guy out of jail. Amenadiel shows up at the station. He suggest hiding mum and Chloe. He worries Uriel is setting a trap. Lucifer encourages him to confront Uriel. He does on a rooftop. Amenadiel tries to bully him. Uriel isn't convinced and proves it by beating him up.

In Ella's office, the team is gathered to share information. 

Lucifer returns to the penthouse and finds Maze taking care of Amenadiel's wounds. Amenadiel admits to losing his powers. Lucifer leaves to go and protect Chloe.

Uriel is at the beach starting trouble. Chloe arrives at the hotel. The weaponizer is there and sees his wife kissing his lawyer. He's not happy.

Maze shows up to talk to Mum.

Chloe shows up where Charisma and the lawyer are and lays out what she thinks happened. Charisma blames the lawyer and the lawyer blames her. Kemo shows up with a gun and is about to shoot everyone. Lucifer shows up with some cops. Chloe tries to talk the guy down. The guy drops the gun.

Mum shows up at the penthouse to tell Lucifer she's going to let Uriel take her back to hell. Lucifer is not happy. He goes off on God. Lucifer goes to a church to pray. Uriel shows up. 

Uriel want to kill Mum. He gives Lucifer an ultimatum, and they start fighting. He kicks Lucifer's ass, then Maze shows up. He kicks Maze's ass.Lucifer kills him with the sword of Azrael. Lucifer is highly upset.

Chloe is reading Trixie a bedtime story.Lucifer gets home. Mum is waiting. He falls into her arms, crying.

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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

It's much more than that, Detective. It's a chance to escape your reality for a moment. Some people need that.


You and Maze are like snow pants and elephants.You don't mix.