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Lucifer and Chloe are playing Monopoly with Trixie. Lucifer wants to be the shotglass, but he discovers it's thimble and isn't too impressed.

Amenadiel is tickled to find out Lucifer was with Chloe and Trixie.

They're talking about Lucifer's new boring lifestyle when Amenadiel finds out about the death in Linda's family. He needs to go check on her to see if she's alright.

At a murder victim's apartment, Lucifer is appalled by how boring she must have been when he examines her fruit bowl. Not even a papaya or a measly avacado to be seen. She must have been a shoe, he decides.

He's insulted when Dan says he's becoming normal and chalks up his well-dressed demeanor as to why the victim's roommate wants to take a selfie with the handsome cop and walks over to Dan.

Lucifer also coins #shoe as synonymous with boring the longer the girl chats about dead Kim.

Lucifer can't understand why Kim would be arguing with someone from Top Meet when it's obviously a place for Top Hats like them. When they meet Mack Slater, Lucifer thinks he's great, but Mack doesn't return the favor. He thinks Chloe is exactly the app's type.

Mack's office is full of photos of Mack. Kim hacked onto the site and complained about it. They have ironclad privacy protocols, so no warrant and no information, he says.

Charlotte sneaks up on Ella. She wants to know about the darkness because she's trying to address it, but she needs to know where Ella sees it.

Charlotte's sense of humor scares her, for example. And Ella turns her down when she asks for help avoiding the darkness.

Ella gets away when Dan walks into the room. Dan makes a beeline for the door, too, and even forgets how to open it.

Amenadiel arrives to Linda's just when she's on the phone talking about hell being real. She's upset about Dancing Queen candle arrangements.

She wants Amenadiel's help picking an urn, but really wants him to approve her pick of an urn. And perhaps to go with her and the urn the next day.

Lucifer wants to go to the mixer at Top Meet but since it's a straight man, Chloe decides to channel her inner Lucifer.

Lucifer tries to give her tips and even roll plays, but she's a tough one to teach.

Ella is trying to shake Charlotte again, but she fails when she does a poor job of being semi-nice before getting on the elevator. Charlotte, though, won't hold the door because what is she, Mother Teresa?

Chloe has no idea how to attract men using Lucifer's tactics so she tries being herself and it works.

Benji met Esther at Top Meet and went home with her, where he met Kim, who he really liked. Since he could just be himself with her, he wanted to get to know her.

Charlotte can't believe Ella really likes people and their kids. How does she keep her eyes from glazing over when she's "socializing"?

Linda is at the beach planning the memorial. There are 350 people coming to the thing. She doesn't feel badly about his death at all. She can't stop thinking about her own mortality and where she's heading when this is all over. Amenadiel wonders where that is. Where do you think? She says she wishes she never met any of them.

Lucifer is trying so hard to be interesting so he isn't normal he doesn't even recognize Esther is a fake.

He decides he needs to go hang out with some interesting people before he's turned into a shoe.

Amenadiel gives Linda some perspective. She still has just as many questions as always, but they're just different.

In a Remington Steel twist, Kim created Top Meet and hired Mack to be her front. He took things too far, though, and stole it all.

Chloe is at Mack's place trying to woo him when Lucifer shows up to be fabulous. Lucifer knows where the murder weapon is because he can read idiots.

Lucifer has a moment when Chloe asks, "What's wrong about thinking people should be loved for who they really are?"

Lucifer talks to Linda about embracing his boring side, which he'd do if he had one. He was surprised the Top Hat was the bore and the Shoe was the interesting one.

When Linda quotes Oscar Wilde, Lucifer can't believe people still quote that line he gave him because he thought it stunk.

Charlotte gets a job in the DA's office so she'll be around more. Bonus!

Chloe still believes being who you are is the better option, and while a rumpled Lucifer sits at the piano drinking in front of his stolen Shoe, a girl in a top hat is waiting for him in his bedroom.

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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Dan: Uh, he's a dude and he's straight.
Lucifer: That's never stopped me before, Daniel. I'm so good at flipping men, they call me "The Skillet."

Luci, I'm likin' this new you. Boring suits you, brother!