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Magnum and Higgins are sitting on a pawn shop during a skip trace, with Juliet portraying the chicken mascot of a nearby eatery.

When the skip arrives, he bowls over Higgins then Thomas gives chase.

A car hits him but Juliet in her chicken suit tackles the skip.

Rick is on a crash diet so he can fit into his dress uniform for the Marine Corps Ball.

T.C. plans to skip the ball because he doesn't have a date after breaking up with Mahina.

Leaving the hospital after getting his injuries checked, Magnum finds a missing-person flier under his car's windshield and tracks down the Amish boy who is placing them.

Jacob's older sister Hannah had come to Hawaii for her Rumspringa, an Amish rite of passage for teenagers.

Hannah's last letter two weeks ago said she wouldn't be returning to the Amish community. Jacob feels she's in trouble.

Jacob told his parents he would be working on his uncle's farm then flew to Oahu.

Juliet insists Jacob's parents must be told where he is, with Kumu handling that contact.

Hannah stopped posting to social media about three weeks ago.

Higgins tracks Hannah's address through the dog rescue where she got her puppy.

Hannah's roommate says she recently changed. She lost her job but somehow kept paying rent. Then Hannah started bringing home sketchy men.

Rick attempts to find T.C. a date for the ball.

Suzy suggests inviting a celebrity to be T.C.'s date. Professional surfer Malia Manual agrees to do so.

A bartender recalls Hannah, going by Chloe, being part of a robbery crew then being forced into a car.

Katsumoto says Hannah has been involved in a series of crimes over the past month, capped most recently by armed robbery.

Thomas informs Jacob that he thinks Hannah is being coerced.

Higgins interviews Nora Diaz, who was jailed for a similar crime to Hannah's last year. She gives up the name of the man in charge, Ben Sato.

Gordie and HPD raid the heist crew's hideout and find three men dead inside but no Hannah.

Thomas and Juliet determine that one of their victims struck back, looking for something.

Kumu confronts Jacob, who is really 14-year-old Saul, who stole his cousin's ID so that he could buy a plane ticket without his parents' permission.

Magnum and Higgins interrogate Sam Bedrosian, whose equity firm bankrolled the marijuana dispensary that the heist crew robbed of a quarter-million dollars.

They determine that Bedrosian doesn't have Hannah, who is on the run. Saul also runs away.

Saul gets snatched by Bedrosian's thugs and Thomas and Juliet have an hour to find Hannah.

T.C. rejects going to the ball with Malia because the ball reminds him how he screwed up with Mahina.

Hannah is hiding out at a church. She says someone recently held up the heist crew and took the cash.

Thomas sets up a meeting with the hijackers. They bring a bound Bedrosian held at gunpoint by Juliet. They trade Bedrosian for Saul, with Bedrosian threatening them afterward.

Saul and Hannah reunite and embrace.

T.C. shows up for the ball and Rick arranges for Mahina to come.









Magnum P.I.
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