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General Alder and Anacostia interrogate the captured Scylla. Raella is having trouble processing her loss of Scylla. Abigail makes Adil's acquaintance. Adil's sister Khalida is getting sicker. Izadora gives a dramatic demonstration of linking during training. An angry Raelle puts the whole class to sleep. The male witches return to Fort Salem to build weapons. Witch Father warns Alder that the humans are getting more hostile toward witches. Gerit tracks down Tally but she blows him off. Raelle and Byron reunite. Things get tense between Adil and Abigail after he explains the fallout from war to her. Then he disappears. Scylla is tortured with sound but she doesn't break. Raelle has an infection from touching the living wall in the Necro building. The medical staff again fails to cure Khalida. Abigail recruits Raelle to use her folk healing on Khalida. Raelle knows Tally is avoiding her. Tally can see Adil when he's invisible. Two Tarim healers have already died trying to cure Khalida. Raelle drives out the infection from Khalida but it didn't enter Raelle's body like usual, which concerns her. Adil tells the medical staff that Khalida woke up cured but Alder doesn't believe it. Gerit tries again with Tally, who uses him as a distraction. Abigail and Adil kiss while invisible but she ruins the moment by wondering what the military could do with such a spell. Anacostia abducts Raelle in the dead of night, taking her to Scylla. They pledge their love to each other, then Raelle is dragged away. Anacostia is now able to get inside Scylla's mind as Scylla relives her recruitment by the Spree. Anacostia reports the location of the Spree base to Alder. The recruits are being sent into the field. Khalida decides the Tarim's songs aren't safe with Alder and her military. 

Motherland: Fort Salem
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Motherland: Fort Salem Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Scylla: I'm fighting for freedom.
Alder: You're a murderer. You fight for the end and I cannot allow that.

Sarah Alder. The one who fought back. The one who changed the world. The great heroine. Didn't they make you wear something like this [gesturing at her restraint collar]?

Scylla [to Alder]