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Maddie continues down the emancipation path with Cash's help. Together, they set up interviews with labels that could potentially sign Maddie once she is free of Rayna and Deacon's control. In order to be emancipated, she must have a plan to make money and pursuing music is that plan, but if she can't get signed, will her plan go through?

Rayna and Deacon desperately search for a way to put an end to this mess, but when the lawyer tells Deacon that he technically has no rights, Rayna must reach out to Teddy in prison. He's her legal father, he gets to decide what's best for her, and he's not going to automatically go with Rayna's plan.

Meanwhile, Juliette returns to Luke's tour with her confidence rising again. Trying to get close to Avery again, Juliette alienates Layla on the tour and in Avery's life, as the love triangle continues to unfold. Layla admits her feelings for Avery, while Juliette does the same and promises him that she's changed, that she's different, and they can rebuild what they had into something better than before.

Stuck in a power outage, Gunnar and Scarlett reflect on the first time they met and deal with their issues.

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Nashville Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Oh, it's easy to get 20,000 people to love you.


Am I a horrible person for hoping that Juliette would just be a little wobbly on her first day back?