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Juliette is back and better than ever, but will she fall back on bad habits? As she sought to get Glen back and return to the stage, she lost control of herself and blew up again, desperate to get back on stage and win her manager back after he denounces her as his client.

Teaming with Avery, Juliette plans a last minute show at the Grand Ole Opry, tricking Glen into showing and Juliette dedicated her song to him. Maybe she has changed. This Juliette can tell her feelings to those she loves.

Everyone else is in tour frenzy as Layla desperately needs a tour to promote her album, prompting Rayna to create her own that Layla could open for. However, when Layla runs to Luke and asks to be his opener, Rayna feels blindsided and betrayed that yet another of her artists would turn on her. 

Will continues with Wheelin' Dealin' Records by getting together with Kevin again to write more songs and Autumn Chase stirs things up for Scarlett and Gunnar.

Meanwhile, Maddie continues to strive to have her own career and when Cash inadvertently suggests that she play at a coffee shop on her own, Maddie and Cash plan her first performance, at a bar. 

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Nashville Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

I miss... not the movie or anything. Being on stage, and performing, and recording.

What is the point of writing any if no one will ever hear them out of this room?