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When a FinCEN agent is killed while investigating money transfers tied to Taliban, the NCIS team in LA works with Kensi and Granger to stop an attack. The money is traced to an LA Hawala. NCIS takes Ehsan Navid into custody and questions him about the money transfers.

They determine he's clean and desperately wants to become a US citizen and bring his mother and sisters to the United States. He assists NCIS in identifying the Hawala's customers who could be involved. They narrow it down to a charity, Planet MD.

Granger and Kensi raid the charity's client in Afghanistan and find bomb making materials. In LA, they determine that the bombers are planning on hitting a naturalization ceremony. The team prevents the bombing with Navid's help.

In return, he undergoes the naturalization ceremony at the boathouse and starts the process to bring his family to America.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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