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  • We're introduced to Dr. Shin. He has his own way of doing things 
  • Shin only focuses on traumas where he's needed and priortizes self-care. 
  • Helen doesn't understand it at first until she sees him in action and he reminds her of how important it is that they take care of themelsves to save lives. 
  • They're both on a case when patients at the hospital are experiencing the same symptoms. 
  • Helen realizes that the morphine that they've been using was overfilled causing overdoses. 
  • Shin is impressed by her diagnosis. 
  • Helen also treats her patient who had an infection and sets up the patient's husband with respite care so that he gets a break and takes care of himself too. 
  • Helen and Shin go for a stroll and a potential date together. 
  • After bumping into a kid in the park and running test, he finds out the boy has DMD. He tries to get him into clnical studies, but Liam doesn't pass the test. 
  • He finds another trial, but it's not as good, and they only have one shot at treatment, so the parents agree to wait. 
  • Max breaks things off with Alice. He knows they're just pretending and he thinks it isn't fair to the kids. 
  • Kapoor's patient's wife is hitting on him. He eventually realizes she has a tumor pressing against her pleasure center of her brain.
  • Lauren's mother throws her a surprise party thining it's her birthday when it isn't. 
  • Iggy has to determine if a man is fit to carry a weapon. 
  • The man accuses Iggy of being a bleeding heart liberal projecting his beliefs on IGgy. 
  • Iggy tells him about his own experiences growing up with guns and eventually Brendan opens up about mistaing his wife for a robber and holding a gun to her. 
  • But then he admits he kept the gun on her to scare her and assert his power and let her know powerless she made him feel. 
  • Iggy tries to address his anger issues and other things at the hearing, but they only want him to answer two questoins that are worded in such a way where there's no reason to take the gun away from Brendan despite Iggy's concerns. 
  • Brendan's wife says she got a gun too. 
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