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Is that it? Has Floyd left the building for good?

All this time, it never felt as if Floyd was on his way out. It seemed like something would pop up in the final moments, and he would change his mind.

But they gave him an official sendoff by the end of New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 17, and there was a sense of finality to it. Now it feels weird that most of us never bought he would leave in the first place.

Dad Issues - tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 7

Maybe he'll find his way back at New Amsterdam in the future, but for now, he's gone. How do we feel about that? I don't know how to feel about it at all. Floyd didn't have much going in the way of storylines, and the ones he had this season sort of slipped away, but he also has potential. 

He had a heck of a case on his final day at the hospital. It seemed as though his colleagues were a bit uncertain about his departure too.

They carried on with their day as if nothing had changed. Max was surprised to see Floyd crashing in the lounge, and he expected him to be at the airport already.

Last Day - Tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 17

Floyd's final day was a crazy one. He got caught up trying to help the young boy who fell down an elevator shaft. Did we ever find out how that happened? 

For some reason, Floyd didn't call for help or call someone before he went down the elevator chute, but he and the young kid had some moving moments. Floyd got to show off his ingenuity when he treated the boy with miscellaneous items like a cellophane-wrapped cookie he found at the bottom of the elevator shaft.

Wanting people to remember you, that's not stupid.


Floyd handled the kid well, and he left the hospital on a positive note. For one, they brought Duke back. It's been forever since we saw Floyd's protege.

The friends gathered around to share a toast with him after the gala event was nice, and everyone looked STUNNING.

Sending Him Off - Tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 17

I love it when Kapoor dresses up, and Lauren and Helen looked so beautiful there aren't any words. Their dresses were splendid.

The gala was Helen's brainchild, and despite Max putting up a fight along the way, he caved and discovered it was a good idea by the end.

I can't believe you are OK with exploiting these children.


It's a shame that people resort to things like crowdfunding to pay their medical expenses and care. It's not sustainable, and everyone can't pull it off. It shouldn't come down to that.

But Helen's plan to get people to donate was an inspired one, and Max was rather short-sighted with her when it came down to it. He felt the kids were being exploted, and that wasn't the case.

Crowdfunding - Tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 17

It was a gripping scene when Helen pointed out that the kids were doing it of their own accord. It was out of gratitude. Max looked like he wasn't used to anyone being grateful for anything.

Max's addition to the video was enough to bring you to tears because of how far he has come since his diagnosis and beating cancer.

I showed my dad the video, he said if he has to beg to live, then he'd rather die.


And that was an interesting discussion as well. You hear that terminology all of the time, but you never think about how it can come across. It makes it sound like there are winners and losers, and if you aren't fighting enough, you're a loser.

It makes cancer sound like a game or competition, and that's an awful way of looking at it. Jesse's perspective was interesting, and it made you think.

Making Funds - Tall - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 17

It's what set Helen on the path toward making sure her first order of business after being reinstated to her position was making sure the world could hear these kids' voices.

It's entertaining to see how much Max has affected those around them, and how they've adapted to his way of operating. Sometimes, they outdo him when they get going on a mission, and when he's balancing the other side out, it's unusual.

Max: Wow... that's a dress.
Helen: And those are scrubs.

Helen was going full-speed ahead with her gala, whether Max liked it or not. She didn't pay him much mind. He was speechless when she was all dolled up and not just because of her defying his orders.

So, they're going to act as if they didn't have a moment between them during New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 16? M'kay.

Helen the Stunner - Tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 17

Max's reaction to Helen in that dress said it all, though. And you can't blame him. Freema Agyeman should wear that shade of green all the freaking time. It was beautiful against her skin tone, and she was so damn gorgeous. Lauren was too, that cutout in the back was divine.

But Helen wasn't the only one channeling Max against the real Max. Karen has taken more of his approaches to heart too, and it's funny how she often wants him to be more "Max," that he usually is.

Max, this isn't exploitation. This is gratitude.


She was all over the crowdfunding after that video was released and went viral. Who knew the woman formerly known as Dragon Lady, would grow on us so much?

In Max's defense, he had a rather heartbreaking experience watching Jason try to get a crowdfunding video off the ground to save his father.

Karen's New Outlook- Tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 17

No one should feel the need to record their father being shocked back to life. It's not how the system should work, and Jason's experience was difficult to witness.

On top of it, his father was a proud man who didn't want to beg for help from anyone. He said he would rather die than resort to that and felt crowdfunding stripped him of his dignity.

Why would I go to the party? It's for kids who beat cancer. I lost!


Meanwhile, Kapoor found a way to restore Mateo's dignity. Kapoor always has the best cases that will never fail to leave you dabbing at your eyeballs.

He's such a good doctor, and he's so pure of heart, and his compassion is overwhelming. He understands people in a way that others don't, and he knew how to help Mateo succeed.

Floyd Says Goodbye - Tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 17

The flight simulation was the absolute coolest and fascinating. It felt as though we were in a cockpit with Mateo. It was some of the series' best work.

You always root like hell for Kapoor's patients, and the time he spends with them and the care he provides them makes you wish all doctors were like him.

There is no flight without a leap.


Iggy is the same caliber of doctor even when he's struggling, but he had to turn to someone himself. However, the doctor he turned to was surprising.

Iggy and Lauren are a duo that we have never spent much time with, and it's a shame since they're a blast together. Labine and Montgomery work well together. They were pure entertainment.

Kapoor's Service - tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 7

The ghost angle was amusing as heck, and for a minute, you weren't sure if there was some legitimacy to the friendly spirit, but Dr. Rothman was an Alzheimer's patient.

It was a fun twist, although it led to some brief tension between Lauren and Iggy.

Today, you move again.


Iggy says he's on a new diet, and he's trying to get his binging under control. It's been so refreshing that the series hasn't dropped this storyline, and they allow it to carry throughout the season in the background.

It's also gratifying that they are giving an eating disorder the attention it deserves in someone seemingly unexpected. They tend to be associated with women more than men, and younger teens and adults versus older adults.

Iggy vs the Vending Machine - Tall  - New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 17

Anyone can battle it. Iggy is a psychologist. He, more than anyone, knows how this works and the ins and outs of it.

He's aware of what's happening to him, but it doesn't change that it's something he has to fight either.

They are really putting our darling Iggy through the wringer this season.

Someone's gonna notice you're gone, right?


Over to you, 'Dam Fanatics. Are you surprised that Floyd left? Which case was your favorite?

Are Helen and Karen becoming more like Max? Are you still worried about Iggy? Hit the comments below.

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