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Brianna is on a mountain in Scotland with some snow. She's alone.

It's only a matter of seconds before she tumbles down the side of a hill, spraining her ankle. There is an icy stream running nearby, but the damage has clearly been done.

Brianna is now hobbling along a road.

It looks like it might be the same road Roger is driving along in the present on his way to the stones. There is also snow there when he prepares to go through himself. He has shaved his beard and is dressed in what he believes to be the right dress.

He immediately hears the call of the stones, places his hands upon them and we're back with Brianna and her sore ankle.

She's eating a peanut and butter sandwich and sitting before a fire. Her cape doesn't seem warm enough to keep her going.

The next day, miles into the distance she spots smoke coming from somewhere. By nightfall, Brianna has hobbled all the way so the house is visible, but she passes out before she gets there.

Brianna dreams of being a girl, sleeping in the car when Frank picked her up and carried her out. A woman calls out to her. They found her lying in the ice and took her home. Somehow she managed upon Laoghaire's house. Freakin' Ian is arguing with her while Brianna is trying to sleep.

She won't take Ian's money. She wants Jamie's money. She still has her pride. 

Brianna and Joanie talk about Jamie and Frank and Claire and Laoghaire not loving and being loved in the same way by all parties involved. Brianna remembers one time when she returned home to "daddy" to find he had received news of James MacKenzie Fraser's death. He said it is complicated.

Laoghaire chats with Brianna that it was another woman who bewitched her husband's heart. When they were a family, they used to gather by the fire at night and tell a tale or two from the bible at night. She hasn't done it since. It pains Joanie too much.

Brianna asks Laoghaire to tell her Joanie's favorite story. Joanie climbs into bed with Brianna and lays her head on her shoulder.

Roger checks in with Stephen Bonnet to get passage to the Carolinas. He isn't taking anyone else aboard, but Roger persists as a potential member of the crew. With a flip of the coin, he's earning twenty shillings a month and has four ports to hit before Wilmington.

Brianna and Laoghaire finally talk about Brianna's father when she learns about her mother. The truth about her birth father never comes to light.

Laoghaire lies to Brianna about Jamie and then it comes to light that she's the one who tried to have Claire killed for witchcraft. All hell breaks loose.

Frank throws the news on Brianna that he and Claire are getting a divorce, throwing a wrench into his plans with Brianna to go to Harvard together where he was going to allow her to share his office while she studied history. 

But she didn't agree to it and on that night Frank had an accident instead of the two of them celebrating going to England together and soldiering on.

On the ship, Bonnet helps a baby stop crying by putting a little alcohol on its gums. Later that night, he discovers a young girl with smallpox and tells Roger to toss her overboard. When he refuses, Bonnet does it himself.

Roger then goes to the woman and her baby named Jamie. 

Joanie takes Brianna to Lallybroch. Ian gives her money and some of Claire's clothes so they can get her off to the Americas as soon as possible.

She gets there to the docks and not only buys passage for herself but a woman whose father asks for help getting his daughter to the Americas, as well. As they leave, she sees Frank watching with is approval.

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Outlander Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Laoghaire: Who might your mother be? I might've spent a bit of time at Lallybroch myself.
Brianna: Claire Fraser. Do you know her?
Laoghaire: You never said your name was Fraser.
Brianna: It's not. It's Randall, after Frank, the man who raised me.
Laoghaire: I see. The husband your mother didn't care for. I heard you and Joanie speaking in the garden.
Brianna: She cared for him, she just...
Laoghaire: Didna love him as she loved this other man. Your true father.

Brianna: Daddy, it's me. You can tell me.
Frank: [kneels in front of her] Bree. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I can't.
Brianna: It's obviously important to you.
Frank: It was everything to me, aside from you.
Brianna: And mama.
Frank: You should go home, Brianna. She'll be worried about you.
Brianna: She'll be fine.
Frank: Go home, Brianna, please. Go home! Brianna, someday, I promise you'll understand.
Brianna: Maybe someday, I won't care.