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Aria and Ezra were very much apart while Aria got a call from A.D. telling her to take something to Spencer. 

She did and it was a phone call saying that Peter knew about the murder. 

Spencer later realized that the phone call could have been left by Aria. 

Furey went after Hanna and Caleb, before hauling Ashley in for questioning. Ashley then asked Caleb about what was going on, but he implied everything was okay. 

Emily and Mona joined forces to get closer to the truth. They went to the doctor who put the eggs in Alison, but he told them to leave as soon as their cover was blown. 

Things took a crazy turn when it emerged Jessica and Peter planned on killing Mary, but Mary got the upper hand and changed the medication around. 

Ashley quizzed Caleb about his intentions with Hanna, so he proposed marriage. 

Aria got a text from A.D. saying her gift was in the brew, but Mona was waiting around, watching her. 

Mary asked Spencer to run off with her. Spencer returned home to find her mother and father with the letter. Veronica then announced they were not leaving Rosewood because of her past. 

Spencer met up with her mother and told her she was not leaving because of everything going on right now. As Spencer walked away, she heard a noise. 

Aria got the file back, while it was revealed that Mona was playing the role of A again. 

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