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The liars tried to understand what Hanna was up to, but they realized they had to get the police involved in the action before it was too late. 

Mona helped Hanna, but Noel wouldn't reveal anything about what he was up to. Hanna found out that Noel was not Mary's child and returned home. 

The police were hanging around to ensure the gals were safe, while Caleb and Mona monitored Jenna. They got a shock when Sidney was the one posing as Jenna. 

The liars found themselves in more trouble than ever when they had to drop the thumb drive at an old school for the blind, but tensions mounted when Noel tried to kill Emily and Hanna, but accidentally beheaded himself when Emily punched him. 

Jenna appeared to wreak havoc and tried to shoot some of the liars, but she failed. She was then kidnapped by A.D. 

Spencer was shot, but Mary Drake appeared and revealed she was her daughter and wouldn't let anything happen to her. 

Ezra was reunited with Nicole, throwing their relationship into jeopardy. 

Alison found out that she's pregnant with Archer's baby and she kicked off a relationship with Emily, but Paige was furious about it. 

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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

Fine, I just find it a little pathetic that she's using this to get close to you. Doesn't she know that you're dating someone?


Busting Noel for the dollhouse is like busting a mob boss for tax evasion. It's settling and I'm not settling.