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Spencer survives being shot, while Toby worries about Yvonne being in a medically induced coma.

The liars are sent a board game from A.D, making it clear that this would be the end.

Alison is still struggling from her pregnancy reveal and is even more upset when Paige gets hired at the school alongside Emily. The two go head to head at a work meeting, with Alison pushing Paige to crack. Emily confronts Alison, telling her that everyone's life is a mess and she shouldn't kiss her if she doesn't know what she wants.

Ezra returns and seems to be fully committed to Aria but mentions that he hasn't told Nicole about them yet. Aria decides to start planning their wedding, meeting Holden at the possible venue.

Spencer finds out that the gun they recovered isn't the one she was shot with which means Jenna, Mary and another gun is missing right now. Her mother returns and confirms that Spencer's dad slept with Mary thinking she was Jessica, which makes Spencer their daughter. She decides to play the board game which makes her visit Toby at the hospital for a reward. This turns out to be a letter that Mary wrote for her child years ago. 

Hanna tries to move forward with her fashion career, and Mona seems to be helping her land a big client. Only it turns out that Mona came off like her boss, leaving Hanna in her shadow. 

When Hanna tries to destroy the game, it shows them footage of when they dug up Elliot with the obvious threat that they cant stop/

Jenna is shown being told about the game somewhere and she is very happy that this is endgame. 

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