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Emily lets the rest of the liars in on her fears for Alison, so they make a plan to find out more about Rollins. 

They go to the hospital and threaten to file a complaint if they don't get to see her, but she's sedated and looks fine. 

Spencer goes to see Toby in the hopes that he will be able to find information out about Rollins, but she finds Yvonne who tells her that she is engaged to Toby. 

Aria breaks into Ali's house to check the locked up box and finds sedatives and weapons. Spencer and Hanna stall Elliot who makes it clear to the liars that he knows what their up to. 

He goes in the house and notices Aria walking out of it. 

Aria decides to go on a road trip to the farm Elliot's family apparently own and find out that no one knows him. One of the kids says that Aria and Hanna look like her dolls and that Charlotte gave her them. 

Emily is upset when Sabrina knocks a date off with her, but Emily doesn't give up and on her first shift at The Radley, she bumps into Sabrina and realizes that Sabrina has a girlfriend. 

The liars get a text from Elliot and they think it must be Ali and set out to find her. 

Hanna speeds off to find them, but when Alison escapes, she knocks down Elliot, killing him.


Pretty Little Liars
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