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Archie rushes his father Fred to the hospital. Fred is brought to the emergency room to begin surgery. Fred hallucinates Archie's graduation and a gunman breaking up the night.

Betty lets slip to her mother that she almost lost her virginity to Jughead.

Calls are made to Veronica, Betty and Jughead. The friends, and their parents, rush to the hospital to be with Archie.

Archie reveals the gunman shot Fred and took off from the diner.

Alice Cooper accuses the Southside Serpents of shooting Fred. She gives Jughead a dirty look and thinks he's involved.

Archie calls his mother. He urges her to come back to Riverdale just in case they need to say goodbye to Fred.

Archie, with Jughead by his side, gives his eyewitness testimony to Sheriff Keller. He reaffirms that the gunman only shot Fred and took off. The sheriff thinks it could've been a plotted attack against Fred.

Jughead offers to look into the possibility of the Southside Serpents being involved.

Fred is unable to breathe on his own; he needs machine. He hallucinates being at the construction site about to pass on the business to Archie. He realizes the passing on means being dead.

Archie shares a story about Fred taking care of their dog Vegas. It touches Veronica's heart.

Jughead asks the Serpents if there is a connection to the crime. They'll look into it.

Veronica and Archie share a steamy shower session back at his place.

Cheryl has strangely appeared at the hospital.

Archie panics after not finding his dad's wallet in the bag of belongings. He asks Veronica to leave the house, but she refuses to leave. He shouldn't be alone at this time.

Sheriff Keller asks Archie to attend a suspect lineup from people he's pulled in. Masks are placed over their heads. Archie is looking for their green eyes.

Veronica asks Betty and Jughead to look for Fred's wallet at Pop's diner. Jughead thinks it could be a conspiracy and the attack was planned. Jughead and Betty head out on his new motorcycle.

Veronica accuses her mother of placing a hit on Fred. Hermione tells Veronica she needs to get back in line when her father returns.

While Archie talks to Fred bedside, Fred hallucinates Archie telling him that he's going to propose to Veronica.

Pop Tate reveals the gunman didn't take any money from the register.

Betty confronts Jughead about him taking the Serpent's jacket. He isn't going to be one; he is willing to live at the trailer, but he doesn't want that life.

Penelope Blossom has sustained burns from the house fire. Cheryl threatens her; she forces her to not reveal the truth of who set the fire. Penelope only went back into the house to save a family portrait.

Archie reveals to the others that after his father was shot, he crouched down as the gunman put the gun to this head. He closed his eyes until the gunman left. The gunman stole Fred's wallet.

Cheryl gives Fred the "kiss of life" in repayment for Archie saving her life.

Fred hallucinates Archie's wedding day to Archie. He sees Clifford and Jason Blossom in the crowd. The gunman reappears to shoot Archie and as he shoots, Fred opens his eyes.

Betty tells Jughead that she'll support him in whatever he does.

The Serpents brought someone back to Jughead's trailer. They kidnapped someone and beat him to see if he was the one who attacked Fred. Jughead won't be able to leave the Southside Serpents.

Hiram Lodge has returned to Riverdale.

Archie stands guard at the door in his house with a bat in case the gunman returns.

Ms. Grundy has found a new teenage lover in Greendale. The gunman broke into her place and choked Ms. Grundy to death.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Betty: Well, if it was just some rando robbing Pop’s, then he probably took the money and then got rid of the wallet.
Jughead: Unless it wasn’t just some rando? Unless it was premeditated in some way?
Veronica: What? Is that an actual theory?
Jughead: According to Sheriff Keller, if you ask me. People have grudges, people have enemies. I mean, think of where we live. Fathers are killing their sons. It’s clearly conceivable this was a hit.
Betty: Okay, or the wallet is just at Pop’s? So, we’ll check it out, V.

Hermione: So, because you’re so determined to paint your father as a villain, you assume he must have put a hit on Fred Andrews? Do you?
Veronica: Not him. You. I don’t think you’re an innocent pawn, Mom. I think you’re Daddy’s eyes and ears on the ground calling the shots.
Hermione: You genuinely believe that?
Veronica: If the Manolo Blahnik fits.
[Hermione gets up]
Hermione: Miha, your disrespect will no longer be tolerated. Not by me and certainly not by her father when he comes home. So word of advice: get back in line with this family. Because you are a Lodge before anything else.
[She learns forward]
Hermione: I should slap you for what you’re insinuating, but I’m not a violent person.