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Archie is running around town doing errands for Hiram. He is wowed when he sees Veronica in a white dress.

Veronica is having a delayed confirmation ceremony.

Sheriff Keller visits FP and Jughead to ask about the disappearance of General Pickens' head.

Betty is webcaming with someone when Alice interrupts at the door. She covers up and lies that she was on the phone.

Veronica asks her friends to attend her confirmation ceremony.

Principal Weatherbee suspends Betty and Jughead from the school newspaper after Hiram's lawyer calls after the article.

Jughead comes clean to Betty about what he did with Toni, but she lies about not kissing Archie.

Simone St. Claire sent Veronica a gift for the confirmation. Hermione asks her why Archie visited Nick.

The FBI agent visits Archie at his home. He needs Archie to keep being undercover.

Sheriff Keller places eviction notices in Southside. Mayor McCoy issued the notices after delayed payments.

Mayor McCoy and Josie come over to apologize to Veronica and Hermione. They accept the apology, and Veronica and Josie agree to sing a duet of Bittersweet Symphony.

The Southside Serpents in-fight over who could've taken the statue's head.

Hiram is impressed that Archie hurt Nick after what he heard about Veronica.

A guy, Ben, leaves the household after doing an interview with Chic. Chic urges Betty to not reveal her location to anyone she webcams with.

Mayor McCoy urges Jughead to back down from his pursuit.

Veronica is worried about Archie. She wants him to be careful when working with her father.

Jughead goes to Betty for help with finding the statue's head.

Hiram tells Veronica to eventually bring Archie into the fold or leave him out forever.

Penny is back and she wants to rejoin the Southside Serpents. She's willing to give them the legal info to avoid eviction in exchange for Jughead being kicked out of the Serpents and her cutting off his tattoo.

FP and Jughead argue about the Serpents.

The FBI agent wants Archie to wear a wire at the poker game.

Hal leaves the Cooper house to live at a bed and breakfast.

Veronica visits confessional.

Veronica's grandmother visits for her confirmation.

Tensions rise at the poker game, with one of the guests insulting the food and leaving. Archie overhears the other mob men talking about eliminating Hiram after Veronica's confirmation.

Josie and Veronica perform "Bittersweet Symphony" at the confirmation. She goes through with the service.

Veronica introduces Archie to her grandmother.

Jughead comes clean to Betty about what he and the Serpents did to Penny.

Veronica tells Hiram that she doesn't want Archie involved in their family's dealings.

Someone contacts Betty back about finding the statue's head. He reveals that a tall Southside Serpent was the one who hid the head in the scrapyard.

Archie warns Hiram about the potential attack.

Jughead, Betty and FP bring the head to the Serpent back and confront Tall Boy. Tall Boy admits that he cut off the head after Hiram called him to make a deal and start a mutiny within the Serpents. The group also believed Penny was involved too.

The Southside Serpents vote Tall Boy into exile.

Betty and Jughead kiss.

Archie says that he didn't witness anything to the FBI agent.

A box containing General Pickens' head was sent to Hiram, Hermione and Veronica.

Betty comes home to find Alice cleaning up the blood next to the dead body of the guy who came to visit Chic.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Jughead: Why did you do it? Did someone put you up to it?
Tall Boy: Why is the Northsider here? This is Serpent business and this is Serpent land.
Jughead: She’s here because she’s one of us.
FP: You didn’t answer my son’s question. Why did you do it?!
Tall Boy: Because I am tired of seeing the Serpents going soft under your rule. And Hiram Lodge came by and wanted to stir up some trouble, he said if I took the hit he’d get McCoy and the cops to swerve all over us and cause some chaos.
Jughead: So, Hiram Lodge asked you to start a mutiny and you helped him? Why?
Tall Boy: Figured it’d be my change to get rid of you, Sunshine.

FP: What’s your price, Penny?
Penny: Blood for blood. An eye for an eye. I want back in with the Serpents, and I want him kicked out.
[She looks to Jughead]
Penny: Oh yeah, one last thing, I want his tattoo carved off and I wanna do it myself...with a dirty knife.