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Jughead and FP find a note on their pool table challenging them to a game of Gryphons and Gargoyles for Jellybean's life.

Randy died in the ring. Elio denies juicing Randy; he threatens Archie and says he needs to get a lawyer.

Gladys and FP interrogate Kurtz about Jellybean's location. Jughead convinces his parents to play Gryphons and Gargoyles.

Archie blames himself over Randy's death; he knew that Randy was juicing and didn't stop the match. Archie promises to never fight in the ring again.

Betty and Veronica ask Hiram to let Hal Cooper stay at his new prison.

Mad Dog tells Archie to get rid of the juicing drugs he gave him earlier. The police bust into the El Royale and arrest the boys.

Kurtz's first challenge forces Gladys to tell FP the truth about her being the new distributor of Fizzle Rocks. FP is visibly angry at Gladys; he blames her for Jellybean being kidnapped.

Josie calls her dad to set up a dinner.

Toni reveals that Edgar plans to adopt Polly's kids after his wedding to Alice.

Veronica posts bail for Archie and Mad Dog. Elio went on the news to frame Archie for giving Randy the drugs. Wardog and Archie pass their urine test, but Elio and Randy's family crash the press conference to blame Archie.

Betty checks Evelyn's file after hearing she has a waiver to not take any shots at school. She breaks into the school to photograph copies of Evelyn's student records.

Kurtz's next challenge wants the group to rob Pop Tate's Chock'lit Shoppe.

Veronica plans a benefit concert at La Bonne Nuit to raise money for Randy's family.

Betty's research uncovers that Evelyn has pretended to be a junior in high school for over a decade. She asks the social services rep to find some concrete proof.

Josie asks her father to join him on tour as a performer. At the same time, Jughead, FP and Gladys fail at having a smooth theft. FP is left behind, but Jughead and Gladys make it back to Kurtz.

Betty is successful with getting her dad transferred; he urges her to get Penelope's help with saving the twins from The Farm. Penelope is successful with getting Dagwood, but she couldn't save Juniper. Penelope plans to name Dagwood "Jason Jr."

Elio offers Archie his $50,000 prize and a chance to be a professional boxer in Vegas. His name would be "The Riverdale Reaper."

Jughead blames Gladys for destroying their lives in Riverdale.

Kurtz's next challenge involves Jughead and Gladys to face the cyclops.

Josie's dad didn't pick up his ticket for the benefit concert.

Archie takes his winnings cheque from Elio. He plans to donate the money to the Ronson family.

The "Cyclops" is Penny Peabody. Gladys had permanently damaged her eye as retribution. Gladys and Penny fight with sais in the secret location.  They win after Gladys spares Penny's life.

Josie performs "Back to Black" by Amy Winehouse.

Josie's dad appears at the concert; he cheers her on.

Ms. Weiss uncovers that Evelyn Evernever is 26 years old and Edgar's wife, not his daughter.

Kurtz blindfolds Jughead for their final location to get to Jellybean.

Josie's dad agrees to let her join him on his tour.

Randy's sister accepts the prize money; she thanks Archie for what he did.

Toni and Betty kidnap Juniper, but it turns out to be a trap: Toni has been brainwashed. Alice already knew about Edgar being married to Evelyn. Betty refuses joining The Farm and drives away from the group.

Kurtz's last challenge is for Jughead to go into a fridge. Kurtz traped Jughead into a fridge and tells Ricky to kill Jellybean. Jughead breaks free from the fridge to find Kurtz dead; the Gargoyle King stands behind him.

Jellybean is alive.

Josie breaks up with Archie since she's going on tour; she doesn't think her and Archie are endgame.

FP will be cleared of his charges. Gladys plans to leave town for a bit for things to cool down.

In the steam room, it's revealed that Hiram is a financial backer at Elio's gym. Hiram wants to get revenge on Archie.

Veronica convinces Archie to get back into the boxing ring. Mad Dog has joined Archie's gym.

Veronica reveals to Betty that Hal Cooper died in a prison transport car accident.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Fred: Son, from everything you said, it’s clear that Randy died from those drugs. An autopsy will support that you’re innocent.
Archie: But I’m not, Dad!
[Awkward pause]
Archie: I knew! I knew Randy was juicing. I could’ve stopped the fight, but I didn’t want to forfeit. If I ... I’m never stepping into that ring ever again. I can’t.
[Archie walks away]

Gladys: I’m the new Fizzle Rocks dealer in Riverdale, and Kurtz used to work for me before he lost his damn mind.
FP: What? [He turns to Jughead] And you knew about this, Boy?!
Gladys: Don’t blame him. I told him not to say anything because I wanted to keep you out of it. I did it to protect you, to protect the family.
FP: How’s that working for Jellybean?! Huh?! You are the reason that this psycho kidnapped our daughter! You brought this into our lives!
Jughead: Dad.
FP: I’ve heard enough! I’ve heard enough! We need to finish this damn game and bring Jellybean back home safe and sound. But there will be a reckoning.