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Betty, Archie, and Veronica burn their clothing in a fire, as well as Jughead's beanie.

Veronica comes up with a lie that she lost her clothes in a Stonewall Prep poker game. Archie says his clothes got stolen at the party during skinny dipping. Betty says Brett spilled wine on her bra and that the Stonewall Prep kids stole her clothes. Betty is freaking out about what happened.

Betty called her brother for help with what to do. Betty tells Veronica and Archie that she didn't kill Jughead; she found him dead and picked up the rock. Betty merely discovered the dead body in the woods; she thinks it's a game from Quill & Skull.

Kevin tries to hang out with his friends, but Archie rebuffs him. Betty chastises him to make things look natural.

Mary invites her friend Brooke from the naval academy over for tea. Brooke wants to make a recommendation for Archie to attend the naval academy. Archie agrees for the chance.

Hiram wants to update his will. Veronica is so upset that she rips it up and leaves.

Betty concocts a revised script when reaching out to Sheriff Jones about Jughead's whereabouts. Charles' gives Betty a bug to plant on Quill & Skull to find the truth about Jughead's murder.

Donna claims that she and Betty never walked into the woods together. She says Evelyn can confirm that Betty has blackouts and does bad things. Brett says that Jughead was mad with him, but Jughead went into the woods to meet with Betty. Betty bumps into Joan in the hallway.

Veronica is mad that Hiram refuses to talk about his sickness. Veronica also thinks Betty had a "Dark Betty" episode and killed Jughead.

Betty goes to visit Evelyn in prison. She wants to confirm the truth of the trigger word. Betty is unsure if she blacked out during the night of the party and killed Jughead. Evelyn thinks Betty will soon be in prison with her. Betty wants to find a way to get Quill & Skull to incriminate themselves.

Mary reveals that Brooke is her girlfriend.

Betty wants Archie to start a fight with Brett to get them to talk. He gets into the fight, but Brett still claims Betty caused the murder.

Brett and Donna discover the hidden bug.

Mary knows that something wrong is going on with Archie. Before he's able to talk, Betty calls and tells him to start talking to his mother. Archie claims it's an issue about Veronica and the issue with Hiram's illness.

Alice and FP ping Jughead's phone to track him down, but the phone was found in Betty's jacket. Betty tells a lie that she forgot about the phone in her pocket. Betty wants Jughead to be classified as a missing person.

Betty thinks Joan dropped the phone in her pocket when she bumped into her.

Veronica and Hiram have a heart-to-heart about his sickness. All Hiram wants is for Veronica to get along with Hermosa.

A hiker found a bloody rock in the woods. Betty asks Jellybean to get her fake blood from Halloween; she covers a rock in fake blood. Charles steals the rock for Betty and switches it with the fake rock.

Veronica gets a call from Barnard College that her admission is under review due to running the Maple Club. She thinks Quill & Skull are involved in the call. Veronica asks Betty to tell her the truth about what happened at the party. Betty tells them about the trigger word theory.

Charles conducts a hypnosis session to uncover the truth of the murder. The memory reveals that Donna didn't say a trigger word; she blew the powder into Betty's face that left her disorientated and loss of memory. Charles thinks it's a powder called "Devil's Breath." Based on the powder, he doesn't think Betty could kill Jughead.

Betty confronts Donna about the powder and Donna's visit to Evelyn. Donna is positive that Jughead's hidden body has DNA evidence that will charge Betty. Donna is happy Jughead will join the missing Stonewall Four.

Archie, Betty, and Veronica purposely lead the search party to Jughead's dead body to lure Quill & Skull out of hiding. Betty and FP identify the body.

Archie confesses the truth to Mary.

Veronica and Hermosa want to be co-executors of Hiram's estate. Hermosa is suspicious of Veronica thinking of holding Barnard College off for a year.

Betty finds Donna standing in the clearing where Jughead died. Betty threatens to ruin Donna's life.

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

I’m sorry, Donna, but I’m the ultimate wild card. I am the daughter of The Black Hood. The nightmare from next door. I’m training with the FBI and I’m coming for you, you psycho b****! Not Joan, not Jonathan, not even Brett. Just you.


Betty: You drugged me, Donna You put a bloody rock in my hand, but it was you or one of your demented chums that killed my boyfriend.
Donna: Fascinating theory, but here is what I think you did. Rather than try to explore to the authorities what you were doing with a bloody rock standing over Jughead’s corpse, you hid or got rid of the body. Archie and Veronica helped you, am I right? No need to answer me, I know that’s what happened, just like how I know Jughead’s body will never be found.
Betty: Yeah, why’s that?
Donna: Because if it was, all of the forensic evidence would lead to you, Betty. The crazy girlfriend with the history of mental illness. The perfect murder! No body, no crime.