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Brett accepts Jughead's offer to duel. Brett chooses Jonathan as his second, while Jughead chooses Donna. They must fight with sabers and then compete in tiebreakers.

Ted Bishop, a friend from Frank's army days, tells him that someone from their service died from cancer.

Veronica is going to New York for an interview at Barnard College. Hermione and Hiram are also going to the city as well.

Fangs tells Toni that he has a side-hustle with Kevin. Toni wants in to make lots of money.

Mr. Honey suspends Betty for 10 days, removes her as the editor of the Blue & Gold, bans her from prom, and Brett files a restraining order against her. Betty introduces Alice to the Mr. Chipping murder case; they want to investigate if Brett is involved.

Archie invites Ted to stay over at his house.

Betty takes Alice through all the suspects of Mr. Chipping's death. Alice thinks they should interview his wife to see if the affair with Donna is true.

Frank gets a call that one of his army buddies has been murdered. Ted attacks him and tries to strangle him. Archie breaks them apart, but Ted makes a run for it.

Frank reveals to Archie that he acted as a mercenary while in service. He thinks that the company is trying to clean up loose ends and kill all the former members.

Mrs. Chipping doesn't believe Mr. Chipping cheated on her with Donna. She reveals that Mr. Chipping regretted getting the book contract; he was drinking a lot. She doesn't know why he killed himself when he was done his final book in the contract. She gives Betty and Alice a box of evidence.

Frank and Archie reach out to FP for help. They plan to lure Ted to the El Royale gym.

Jughead and Brett fence for the first round of the duel. Brett wins the first match by a 3-1 round.

Veronica meets up with Katy Keene in New York. They go shopping for new clothes.

The police ambush Ted and arrest him. He says that everyone is fair game for the mercenaries.

Nick St. Clair visits the Maple Club to plan a party to celebrate him and his friends getting accepted into Harvard. Cheryl freaks out when she sees him.

Moose reveals that Mr. Chipping gave him the army pamphlets. Mr. Chipping was the one who recruited Moose to attend Stonewall Prep and then pushed him to go into the army.

Moose reveals that Brett recorded a video of him hooking up with another student in his dorm. Alice and Betty search Brett's dorm room, but Brett arrives to deny the tape and threaten them with the possibility of releasing a fictional tape.

Katy Keene is in a relationship with K.O. Veronica is unsure about her relationship when she goes to school. Katy's mother is sick and they don't know how far the treatment will last.

Frank plans to skip town and head to Alaska.

Cheryl reveals to Toni how Nick assaulted her and nearly raped her. Toni had a similar experience before she moved to Riverdale.

The second round of the duel is a fistfight. Jughead wins the second round by knocking him out.

Ted fakes his death to escape from his cell.

People keep shoving Jughead in the hall; someone left him a dead snake in his room.

Alice and Betty plan to search the headquarters of Quill & Skull to find the tapes.

Ted attacks Archie in the Riverdale High bathroom. After Kevin walks into the room, Archie knocks him out. Ted survives and chokes Archie in the student lounge; Frank knocks him out from behind.

Toni gives Nick a drink and invites him to a private room.

Brett tries to get Jughead to wager his contract with the Baxter Brothers books, but he rejects it. The pair play a chess match for the final round.

Betty searches the secret lair and finds the VHS tapes. Brett has an alarm set and everyone swarms the room; he states the tapes are of the confessions. Betty hands the tapes back.

Jughead concedes a victory to force Brett to win the match. He is tired of Stonewall's actions.

Ted is being sent to prison. Frank decides to turn himself in after he finds out that the police are looking for him.

Hermione tells Veronica that Hiram is suffering from a neuromuscular disorder. They caught it early, but they're worried about his health.

Nick was drugged by Toni. Fangs, Kevin, and Toni created a tickle video of him. They blackmail him into never stepping foot in Riverdale or assault another woman.

Frank left behind his medal for Archie; he ran away instead of going to the police.

Veronica got accepted into Barnard. She will be attending as "Veronica Lodge" instead of "Luna."

Betty stole Donna's tape from the Quill & Skull from the vault. In her tape, Donna blamed her assault on "Mr. Cotter," a teacher that doesn't exist. Betty thinks Donna is the true mastermind to be feared.

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Toni: Fangs, tell me you’re not selling drugs again?
Fangs: Toni, Kevin and I started this little … side-hustle, and don’t worry, it’s nothing illegal, per se.
Toni: What kind of side-hustle? It looks lucrative as hell. Is this something I can get in on?

Alice: What’s this?
Betty: My latest murder board.
Alice: Who got murdered?
Betty: Mr. Chipping. Maybe. We let the case get cold, but we know Brett’s a total sociopath. So, let’s find out if he’s a killer too.