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Jughead is reading "Of Mice & Men" to prepare before his class next day. Toni is staying at Kevin and Fangs' home.

The group starts their first day as teachers at Riverdale High. Veronica, as the Economics teacher, has a full class. Archie is running the RROTC and Betty is running the auto shop class. Jughead has a class full of classmates who don't care.

Hiram reveals over 100 students are enrolled at Riverdale High. Hiram wants the place closed because it offers hope to rebuild the town.

Veronica wants to open a jewelry shop in Riverdale. She's not sure if she should tell her husband.

Betty thinks Polly took off for a few days. Betty and Archie need to think of new places to hook-up.

Jughead interviews Tabitha for his book about small-town life and people. Tabitha reveals she gave up a six-figure job in the big city to run the diner. Tabitha wants to franchise and grow the business.

Betty and Archie have sex in the auto shop. The fire alarm goes off because a couple of Stonewall Prep students set a fire in the school.

Toni reveals that Hiram sponsors a bunch of kids to do odd jobs; they're the Stonewall Stallions. Reggie is the coach of the Stallions.

Jughead's students leave a tips jar on his desk to make fun of him working at the diner.

Chad surprises Veronica with flowers and chocolates. He sits at the back of the classroom to watch her.

Archie wants to bring back the Riverdale Bulldogs; he needs to make a full team and have the funds to do so. Everyone agrees to go to the Whyte Wyrm for a karaoke night.

Toni tells Betty that the Serpents have seen Polly hanging out at truck stops to hook-up and sell drugs. Betty plans to search the board for updates.

The Blossom fortune is out of funds.

Betty and Kevin search Polly's account for her last whereabouts and contacts. They send a message to Polly's last hook-up in the hopes of finding her.

Tabitha thinks Jughead should invite Old Man Dryfus, a man who lives at the junkyard and knows about "The Moth Man."

During karaoke, Veronica sings "Shallow" and then Chad joins in to make a duet. They kiss on stage after their duet; Kevin tears up.

Chad wants to stay in Riverdale for a few days to be with Veronica. She agrees.

Archie gets the RROTC members to join the football team. Archie asks around the school to get enough members, but he needs to ask Cheryl for money to sponsor the team. He tries to use Jason as a ploy, but Cheryl gets mad and kicks him out.

Betty gets a message from Polly's contact stating Polly was mad about something.

Jughead visits Old Man Dryfus about The Moth Men. The story is about aliens kidnapping men who worked in the mine before returning them.

Kevin and Betty investigate Truck Stop 49; Betty arrests the man she met up. The trucker reveals he met up with Polly, did jingle jangle, and then got out of the truck and acted scared on the highway.

Toni reveals the River Vixens are back and will be competing against other teams. The budget was set aside for the team. Ms. Bell tells Cheryl about what happened at the school.

Cheryl sells a painting of Jason Blossom to Ms. Marble, an art authenticator. Nana Blossom wants Cheryl to swap out the real painting for the copy she made.

Alice and Betty search the highway for Polly. They find her purse abandoned.

Veronica shows Chad the old video store where she wants her store to be. Chad agrees to her plans. They're going to redesign the apartment to look different.

Archie thinks he might ask Veronica to sponsor the team.

Alice and Betty are trying every option to find Polly. They might have to wait and see.

Veronica and Chad come up with a plan on how they'll balance living in the city and Riverdale. She finds out Chad and Hiram have been talking. When Archie comes over for a sponsor, Veronica agrees, but Chad makes him help with rebuilding the apartment.

Jughead thinks he has a story based on all the victims of the Moth Men who died. Tabitha offers to join him in his investigation.

Betty and Archie go to hook-up.

Veronica wants Chad to go back to the city. She needs time to be alone to work on her own life and priorities.

Cheryl appears at the school to chastise Toni about the River Vixens.

Ms. Bell tells Hiram Lodge about the Bulldogs being reformed.

Betty, Kevin, and Alice search Swendlow Swamp to search for Polly. They think they found Polly's phone.

Someone has set Archie's house on fire.

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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Fangs: You know after all these years, it’s still kind of adorable to witness your back-to-school jitters.
Kevin: Well, I’d be there already if I wasn’t waiting on our house diva. Can you tell Queen T my truck is leaving without her?
[The door opens]
Toni: This outfit is a masterpiece that can’t be rushed, as we all know. And we’re taking my motorcycle.

Reggie, a high school offers hope and people are sentimental about Riverdale High, for reasons that allude me. And as long as it remains open, there’s a chance the town will grow back around it. Like a weed. And that is bad for our business.