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Archie is punching his boxing bag in his room. Archie goes to his father's grave to talk.

Bret calls Betty in the middle of the night. He is willing to give privilege information if Betty can get him put in solitary confinement.

Next day at the prison, Betty and Jughead learn that Bret was murdered in his cell.

Cheryl complains to graduation attendant that she wants a red gown. Archie tells his friends that he's upset about everything going on; Veronica tells him to keep it a secret that they've broken up.

Toni tells Cheryl that she's working on her grandmother to accep their relationship.

At the morgue, Curdle Jr. showcases Bret's body to Jughead and Betty: the eyes were gouged out.

Hiram ambushes Archie and wants to start a fight over the cheating debale. Archie kicks Hiram out of the gym.

Veronica takes out the trash at the diner and gets swarmed by the Malloys with guns. As she turns around for them to kill her, Hermosa shoots and kills all three of them.

Betty, Jughead, and Charles think David might have killed Bret in prison for the privilege information. The FBI are searching for David.

Cheryl holds an online meeting with the Blossom family about business deals and returning land. Unfortunately, they reject the deal as revenge.

Hermosa and Veronica go to Hermione about stopping Hiram from fighting and doing his mafia business. They ask her to sell her share in Lodge Industries to host a hostile takeover. Hermione agrees.

David's body is found in a cabin in an apparent suicide. Betty thinks it's all too simple and easy.

Mrs. Andrews tells Archie that if they publicly forgive the father of the hit-and-run driver, they'll get a lesser sentence.

Hermosa and Veronica successfully cut Hiram out of the business. Hiram kicks them out of his study as he won't willingly walk away.

Jughead got accepted to the University of Iowa's writing program. Jellybean looks a bit forelorn.

Cheryl tells Penelope of her dreams of fixing the Blossom business/name. Penelope tells Cheryl she needs to go away and get an alibi. Cheryl and Toni plan a romantic getaway together.

Donna calls Betty to say that Bret and Joan were murdered. Donna seeks protection against whoever is hurting them. Betty doesn't believe her, but when she checks in on Joan, her family tells her that someone murdered Joan with a rock to the head.

Hermosa comes up with a plan for Veronica to rebuff Hiram if he gets hurt again.

Mr. Augustine tells Archie that his son told the truth and is being charged as an adult. He wants Archie to write the letter, but Archie rejects the idea.

Betty and Jughead find a new VHS tape. The recording shows the auteur exploring their house and holding a butcher knife against Jellybean. The family decides to rent a room at the 5 Seasons.

Hiram calls Veronica for help after he gets beaten up, but she refuses and demands he retire. In her bedroom, Hermosa reveals it was her men who attacked Hiram.

Nana Blossom reveals that the entire Blossom line committed suicide to atone for past sins from the Blossom family. Penelope committed the crime and gifted Cheryl with the power for full Blossom company privilege.

Betty thinks the auteur is listening on their conversations and it's someone with the ability to bug them/attack in the outside world.

Betty finds a bug hidden in the phone. Charles admits he killed Joan and Bret; he did it because they committed a heinous crime. Chic is revealed at Charles' current boyfriend and who killed Bret behind prison.

Charles admits he's a serial killer who kills people who hurts the people he loves. Charles has killed many people (David, Bret, Joan), but he's not the auteur. Charles knows who it is, but he won't reveal the identity.

Hiram decides to bow out of the mafia and go to the Caymans. Hermione reveals she's divorcing Hiram, moving back to the city, and becoming a Real Housewife on Bravo.

Mrs. Andrews cries after finding the VHS tape of the masked intruders. Mary is crying, but Archie destroys the tape and the TV with a baseball bat.

Jughead has an idea of who the auteur is. Jellybean admits that she's responsible for making the videotapes.

Archie stops punching his uncle Frank after his uncle demands he let out his frustration and anger.

Uncle Frank is back to turn himself in for his crimes as a mercenary. Mary will be his lawyer.

Jughead reveals to FP that the videotapes was an idea from Jellybean to create a mystery for Jughead to stay in town. Jellybean got the idea from Ricky after visiting the videostore. Jellybean and her friends from the community center created the movies from the secret footage sold to the videostore.

Archie wrote the letter to the kid to help Jeffrey Augustine to get a lesser sentence.

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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Hermione: See, I’ve also decided to make a life change.
Hiram: To do what exactly?
Hermione: Three years ago, Andy Cohen asked me to become a Real Housewife of New York; I turned him down to focus on my family. Remember? But really, Veronica, I did it to protect you. Honey, the ONLY reason I got back together with your father in the first place was to keep you safe, but now you’re going off to college and Hermosa is back in the picture. So, I really don’t see any point to put my ambitions on hold anymore.
Hermione: So, Hiram, I’m divorcing you. I’m moving back to the city and I’m becoming a Real Housewife, for real.
Veronica: Wow Mom, you win!
[Veronica taps Hiram]
Veronica: But do take that trip to the Caymans, Daddy. You need a break from Riverdale and Riverdale most definitely needs a break from you.

Betty: That’s what Bret was going to tell us. That you and Chic were still in deep.
Charles: True love knows no boundaries.