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Liz finds out Max took a vial of her antidote. 

Isobel searches Mimi's mind and discovers that she was with Helena the night she disappeared. Helena is also aware that Rosa is alive. 

Michael and Charlie are both forced to do Helena's bidding to protect Alex and Jenna. The weapon they're making uses alien DNA. 

Jenna and Max head to a storage unit that may be related to Flint. They find evidence of a pod and letters from Helena to Jim Valenti.

Max confesses that Liz's antidote is helping his memories resurface. 

Worried that something bad will happen, Liz convinces her father to leave CrashCon. 

Helena reunites Michael with Alex after he finishes building the bomb. 

Jesse plans to release a toxin at CrashCon that kills anyone with alien DNA. Helena switches it with Michael's device to kill Jesse instead. 

Michael goes home to his friends. 

Max and Liz fight over her intentions with her experiment, which leads them to realize that they were wrong about Jesse's plan. 

CrashCon displays an alien artifact to the audience, which is an explosive built by Nora. Jesse intends to blame the explosion on Max and make him an alien terrorist. 

Flint steals the atomizer from Charlie and sets the house on fire with her in it. 

Maria and Rosa find Greg and attempt to get him to safety. 

The fireworks go off, which will cause the remote to explode. 

Flint puts a two minute timer on the atomizer and fights with Max. Max puts a handprint on Flint and passes out. 

Alex confronts his father. Jesse aims his gun at Michael, but Greg steps in front of him.

Maria throws the atomizer into a field and collapses. 

Liz tries to revive Max. 

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Charlie: In the right hands, my weapon could reduce innocent civilian casualties and save our troops.
Michael: I'm guessing these are not the right hands.

I want us to be a team. I want us to make big choices together, and I don't want to go anywhere you're not going to follow me.