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Rosa revives Max. 

Helena saves Charlie from the fire. 

Liz and Isobel deactivate the bomb and Greg shoots Jesse when he threatens Michael. 

Diego brings Dr. Margot to the diner. 

Max tells Isobel about his visions. 

Liz and Max decide to move to California together after Liz is offered an opportunity.

Michael and Alex destroy Alex's shed and find Tripp's body. They realize Alex's grandfather killed him. 

Maria takes off her bracelet, much to Michael's dismay. They exchange "I love you's," but Maria ends their relationship, worried she could hurt him. 

Jenna calls Max and tells him Diego is going to bring Dr. Margot to Liz's lab. 

Trip and Nora watch the sunset in a flashback and he promises to keep her safe. 

Max attempts to clean everything alien related out of Liz's lab. Diego and Dr. Margot show up in time to see it explode.

Locked up by Project Shepherd, Nora asks Tripp to make sure someone can wake up the kids in the pods.

Liz and Max fight over what he did to the lab and Liz decides to go to California alone. Max drinks more of Liz's antidote. 

Rosa decides to go back to rehab. 

Liz finds a cure for Steph's disease and saves her life. 

Alex sings a song for Forrest and they kiss. Michael walks away because it's not their time. 

Liz leaves for California. 

The antidote leads Max, Michael, and Isobel to a tunnel where they find Max's twin. 

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Seeing you like that...all sick and pale and quiet. I started praying.


I should have defended you from him a long time ago.