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On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 1, things get awkward when Walter drives up to Tahoe to confess his love for Paige. Okay, so Walter doesn't actually tell Paige how he feels, but he does have to fly back with Tim and Paige and try to explain why he's up there.

Thankfully, there's a new mission to focus on. Two military aircrafts have been hacked. The pilots have no control over what is going on. It turns out a group of hackers have taken control of the aircrafts.

Toby figures out that the hackers are Eastern European. This prompts Walter to send Tim, Sly, and Cabe off to Bulgaria. Tim isn't too happy about that, but Sly is happy to get away from the tension in the garage.

Toby is still struggling to understand how Happy is married. He couldn't find her marriage record when he looked online, but that's because Walter hacked the system. Walter didn't want Toby to find out who Happy's husband is.

Walter almost comes clean to Paige about his feelings when Paige realizes that Walter sabotaged her weekend with Tim by changing their reservation and shutting down the 24 hour diner. After Paige walks away, Walter tells Paige that he loves her, knowing that she can't hear him and no one else can.

Oh wait, there's a problem because his com is back online, and Tim heard him.

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Then try this, you can't spell hypothalamus without us.


Walter: I'm almost there. What do I say when I see her?
Toby: Poetry.

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