Scorpion Season 3 Episode 24 Review: Maroon 8

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Did anyone else pick up Jurassic Park vibes when they found the bunker or was that just me?

On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 24, Team Scorpion was stranded on a deserted island with a dying captain, a love-struck Walter, and a fear-free Sly.

Yup, this is the making of an entertaining hour of TV.

Stranded On an Island - Scorpion

It's not super exciting by any means, but honestly, Scorpion does life or death situations a little bit too much, so it was nice that none of Team Scorpion was in immediate danger.

The best part was seeing how being stranded on the island affected everyone, mainly Sly. 

I was totally prepared for Sly to freak out over every little thing while on the island. It wouldn't have been surprising, but it still would have been fun to watch.

You know he would have found some random things to stress about.

Honestly, I expected Sly to come back and tell Paige that the flower could kill her or something.

Sly being adventurous and not caring that he was power walking into a jungle that could kill him was unexpected.

This adventurous Sly was a lot of fun, and the reason he was acting like that way made sense.

Walter attempting to correctly act like a person in love with so cringe worthy, but also a little adorable.

This was a fine line to walk, and Scorpion did it well.

Waige Island

As far as first complications go, this one was fitting for Waige.

It took Walter years to process that he loved Paige, so naturally, he couldn't just jump into being a boyfriend.

There's a learning curve, and Walter and his pea-sized amygdala have a long way to go.

We learned a lot about Happy, like a lot, a lot. It's almost as if Happy lost the filter that kept her secrets to herself.

Now, while you can argue that she never had the chance to sort of bring up that she knows Portuguese before, it seems highly unlikely considering the sheer volume of things she shared.

One or two things would have been fine, but geez we learned a whole slew of things about Happy to the point where it became unrealistic.

The novelty quickly wore off, and everything Happy said started to earn an eye roll.

Listen, I love Happy, and I'm all for learning more about her, but most of what Happy divulged seemed too crazy to be true.

Happy: The point is, you're going to find out a lot of weird stuff about me.
Toby: Like your Southern European singing career?
Happy: You're never going to get the details on that. Bottom line - I would not change anything in my past because it's led me to where I am today.
Toby: Abandoned on an island with little chance of survival?
Happy: It led me to be your wife, jackass. And of all the things I've ever been or will ever be, that one is my favorite.

This just proves more than ever that we need a Team Scorpion origin episode because I need to know how all these crazy kids came together.

Maybe it will help make sense of this ice trucking, Southern European singing, Jake Gyllenhaal dating Happy. I doubt it though.

Sly Island

It's really not surprising that the boat didn't turn around. Hello, it's a two-part finale.

What would the second part be if Team Scorpion was rescued at the end of the hour?

Ooo, unless there were pirates.

I'm all for Team Scorpion meeting pirates, but I would need Toby to have his pirate hat that he had on Scorpion Season 3 Episode 15.

Still, the three weeks later time jump is a huge surprise in the best way.

It will be fun to see how everyone has unraveled during their time on the island.

We only caught a glimpse, and it was amazing. Sly has a pet and a beard!!

What did you think of part one of the finale?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Maroon 8 Review

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 24 Quotes

Happy: I did a fix like this when I was ice road trucking.
Toby: When you were what now?

Walter: Guys, we're over the Pacific, so get your floatation devices ready.
Sly: Oh god, I forgot about the water. I am not a strong swimmer!