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On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 23, it's Happy and Toby's wedding day. Nothing is going to ruin their day, not Paige and Walter awkwardness and not an urgent case. 

Toby stays behind at the garage, to avoid seeing Happy, and to work the case with Ray, while Paige keeps the wedding running smoothly. Yup, you read correctly, Ray is the new office manager, and it's going just about as well as you think.

After saving the day and solving their case, Team Scorpion is on their way to the Quintis wedding in San Jose! Well, they were supposed to be, but they missed their connecting flight. On the bright side, Toby's family partied it up at the venue and had a lovely time.

Paige decides to make up for abandoning Team Scorpion by throwing an impromptu wedding in a parking lot. Yes, it sounds awful, but Paige manages to pull it out. Toby and Happy say their vows and officially become husband and wife.

Walter has been working up the courage to talk to Paige ever since the cave in during the case. He finally tells Paige that he fired her because he loves her, and Paige tells him she loves him too. Waige is officially an item.

Of course, the reception is interrupted by an urgent case, but this one is in Taihiti. The team boards a private plane, and Happy steps up as copilot to avoid a four hour delay, and then, something goes terrible wrong with the plane...

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 23 Quotes

Walter: Is something wrong?
Ralph: Other than the fact you fired my mom?
Walter: I didn't fire her. Her skillset was needed anymore because she was so good at her job that everyone at Scorpion evolved.
Sly: Cabe! Happy is chasing me with raw meat!
Walter: More or less.
Ralph: You're forgetting one thing: I'm smarter than you, and I know why you fired my mom. Because you're a coward who can't face how he feels about her.
Walter: Ralph you're just a kid, you can't understand.
Ralph: I understand that today is about Happy and Toby, so we're done talking. And you're lucky I'm a kid. If I was bigger, I'd fight you. You hurt my mother.

Walter: He's trying to fit into his wedding tux.
Cabe: The wedding's tonight, just get a bigger size.
Walter: He refuses to. Happy saw Ryan Duckling wearing a tux like that in a movie poster.
Toby: It's Gosling, and she lingered. She likes the threads.
Cabe: You ever think she lingered on Gosling?
Toby: ....no.