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On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 15, Team Scorpion's latest case is searching for buried treasure. Shockingly, it does not go well. Yes, Team Scorpion finds the buried treasure, but Walter and Paige's ship blows up, leaving the two of them stranded at sea.

As Walter and Paige try to put together a raft, the rest of the team slowly begins to realize that something is wrong. After staging a mutiny and leaving the client in a small rowboat by the treasure, Toby and Cabe begin searching for Walter and Paige.

Walter and Paige put together a raft, and after drifting for awhile, they manage to find a buoy. There's a catch though. The buoy is in shark-infested waters. Thankfully, Walter and Paige manage to get an SOS message out, and scientists relay the information to Sylvester Dodd, the wizard!

When Cabe and Toby are almost to the buoy, their engine blows. They are stuck, and they aren't close enough to rescue Walter and Paige. Walter comes up with a plan to get Paige to safety.

It involves him jumping into the water in the opposite direction of the boat and being shark bait. While the sharks are sniffing him out, Paige can swim to the boat safely. It works, Paige makes it onto the boat. Luckily for Walter, Happy is able to get him to the boat with the help of the equipment Team Scorpion was using to look for buried treasure.

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

A contingency agreement? You're not ambulance chasers, you're geniuses!


Walter: Don't people want to better themselves?
Paige: The irony of that expression is completely lost on you, isn't it?