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On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 14, Veronica is worried about her recent apperance on the news. The men who want her dead now know she's in LA, and they know she is with Team Scorpion. Veronica needs to get the money she buried at the warehouse, and then she can leave town. Because of the threat to Scorpion, Paige decides to help.

Team Scorpion is off on a mission without Paige, and Toby and Happy are concerned about how Walter will fare without Paige to smooth things over. The job is to find a leak in a municipal water line. It turns out it's not one leak but a bunch of microleaks, which have weakened the grown around the pipe.

Sure enough, after a worker drills into the pipe, the whole thing goes down, forming a sinkhole. Thankfully, all the workers get out okay. The next task is to  drain a silo full of chemicals because the sinkhole takes it. The sinkhole is spreading too quickly, and unfortunately, one of the workers, Joe, is on the roof of the silo when the sinkhole catches up.

After getting in a fight or two with Chief, the foreman of the job site, Walter is able to convince him to go along with a risky plan - letting the silo fall and having nets catch it. The plan works! Joe is saved, but the sinkhole does manage to take one life - Veronica's.

On the way back from the warehouse where Paige and Veronica successfully got Veronica's money back, Paige notices that they are being followed. The men who want Veronica dead have finally found her. Don't worry, Paige hatches up a con of her own to make the bad guys think Veronica died by falling into the sinkhole when in fact she just fell onto another net. 


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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

I was assaulted by a contract breaching yogurt vendor.


Cabe: When I look at you, I see everything you have to offer.
Sly: Thank you, Cabe.
Cabe: But when everyone else looks at you, they see a man-child wearing a cloak!