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Chanel introduces the Chanels to Cliff Woo, the party planner who planned her crazy sweet sixteen and who is now planning the Black Hairy Tongue Pumpkin Patch event. He tells her about the party plans and she yells at him for skimping out on the party, telling him that she has plenty of money to throw into the party.

The Chanels discuss the music artists who will be appearing. Chanel berates Chanel #5 for not being able to get Led Zeppelin together to come to the party.

Chanel takes the other Chanels to her closet, where she is dressed as Jackie Kennedy. She tells them that they will all be dressing as wives of assassinated presidents. #5 is offended that Chanel has said #5 will obviously be Mary Todd Lincoln, because she's crazy. #5 says she's had it, and Chanel reams her out and tells her to leave. Hester backs up Chanel and terrifies Chanel in the process.

The Dean tells the Kappa girls and Dollar Scholars that there will now be a Halloween curfew. The girls scream at her and try to get her to change her mind, but she remains firm, even after Chad Radwell gives a rousing speech about the importance of Halloween (girls dressing slutty and guys being allowed to walk around without shirts). Chanel still plans on going ahead with her pumpkin patch.

Meanwhile, Zayday is trapped in a cellar by the killer, screaming for help.

Hester reveals her nature as a "double agent" to #5 and convinces her to help with plotting against Chanel. They also convince Jennifer the candle girl to work with them and vote against Chanel and for Zayday in the presidential election. They do this by showing Jennifer the expensive candles that Chanel uses once and then throws away.

Chanel cheats on a test in class using "her Asian." When the professor tries to kick her out, she calls her father to have him fired. At that moment, a detective arrives and arrests Chanel for the murder of Ms. Bean.

Grace and Pete interrupt the Chanels "fake-eating" lunch to tell them that they need to search for Zayday. The Chanels blow them off, with #3 citing the fact that sneaking off campus will just get them all expelled.

Grace and Pete head over to her dad's to get his help with finding Zayday. They interrupt him and Gigi having sex. Grace is horrified. Gigi and Wes get dressed and go to Dean Munsch with Grace and Pete to help find Zayday.

Chanel is in jail, where she's picked up three lackeys. She bemoans the fact that her father refused to bail her out for political/work reasons. The lackeys tell her that they've got her back and friendships made in jail are true ones. Chanel appears genuinely touched but quickly brushes them off moments later when she's told she made bail.

"Predatory Lez" (Sam) and Chanel #3 meet Chanel as she exits the jail, having bailed her out with money that #3's father wired her. Chanel tells them they're her true friends and then sets her sights on getting revenge on Chanel #5.

Dean Munsch and Denise chat about how they both slept with Chad Radwell. The Dean hated it but Denise loved it. 

Grace, Pete, Gigi and Wes barge in and interrupt them, asking for help with finding Zayday. The Dean says she already informed the police, but that a person can't be declared missing for 72 hours. Denise reminds everyone that she's sure Zayday is the killer. The Dean also reveals that she hired Denise as a private investigator to track down Zayday. The Dean is visibly perturbed to see that Gigi and Wes are now a couple.

Chanel #5 dresses as Jackie Kennedy in Chanel's closet. Chanel arrives, also dressed as Jackie, interrupts and confronts her. She tells #5 that Chanel #6 and Jennifer told her that #5 was the one who ratted her out. #5 tries to convince Chanel that Hester is trying to frame her for the crime. Chanel doesn't believe #5 and threatens her. Instead of killer #5 herself, she tells #5 to go out to the pumpkin patch and set it up, since the killer will likely be out that night and "maybe [#5] will get [her] head sawed off." #5 resists but Chanel threatens #5 with telling Roger and Dodger that #5 masturbates to Dora the Explorer in her room.

Grace gathers Pete, Gigi, Wes and Denise and they plan how they'll find Zayday. They end up using Find My iPhone to track her down. Wes tries to talk to Grace about his relationship with Gigi, but Gigi can hear them talking and Denise yells at them to stop talking so she can go find a killer (Zayday).

Chanel #5 goes with Roger and Dodger to the pumpkin patch to light the jack-o-lanterns. The Red Devil shows up and chases #5. Roger and Dodger protect her and they all run through a replica of the corn maze from The Shining. The twins make #5 choose between them because they're both in love with her and no longer content to share her. #5 tries to resist choosing at that moment, while they're being pursued by a killer, but eventually chooses Roger. Dodger ends up getting killed by the Red Devil who stabs him with gardening shears as #5 and Roger escape.

The Zayday rescue team goes to the cellar where they tracked Zayday's phone. They talk to a little old lady who says she rents out the cellar to a dream tenant who always pays the rent on time in cash and is rarely seen by her. Denise hands out tasers and flashlights. Grace suggests the group split into teams. Grace goes off with Pete and her father, while Denise and Gigi go off together.

Grace finds a trapdoor and opens it, shouting down for Zayday. They don't find her down there. Meanwhile, Denise and Gigi find a room with chainsaws. The Red Devil cuts the lights. Denise accidentally tases Gigi in the boobs but Gigi manages to tase the Red Devil in the throat.

Denise runs off to retrieve the others as the lights switch back on. By the time they get back to Gigi, the Red Devil is nowhere to be found. Gigi tells them that the killer knocked her across the head and escaped out the trash chute. Denise goes off to search the house while Wes phones the police. Gigi and Grace bond when Grace expresses her gratitude and how touched she is that Gigi risked her life for them. Denise comes back and reports that the killer is nowhere to be found, and neither is Zayday.

Chanel calls the remaining KKT girls together for the election. They express hesitation since Zayday and Grace aren't there to vote. #5 also is traumatized by Dodger's recent death, though Chanel brushes her off.

Suddenly, Zayday arrives and tells them that she escaped from the killer. She reports that he treated her very well, sending her treats down in a basket. Finally he brought her up from the pit, giving her flowers and treating her to her favorite food (Oakland Nachos). She tells them that she stabbed him in the hand with a fork and escaped. Chanel is hesitant to believe the story, calling Zayday a liar, but Grace runs in and corroborates Zayday's story. Chanel tells them it's time to cast the vote for president since they're all here.

Gigi walks down an abandoned street, followed by the Red Devil. She casually talks to the killer, saying it went to far and that "he" has to die now. She says she has to leave because she's on her way to a salad date with a special someone.

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That is such a Mary Todd Lincoln thing to say.


I told you money was no object. I am gross rich, Cliff!