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Ryn tells Donna's daughter that Donna is gone, but she will help her. 

Ben goes to a recovery meeting and talks about how his relationship was his addiction.

Xander hooks up with the girl he met at the bar and opens up to her about his dad. 

Ben, Maddie, and Helen try to teach the mermaids how to survive on land. The mermaids' skin is starting to dry up which means they need to go back into the water soon. 

Ben and Ryn go to look for a safe place for the mermaids to swim and Maddie stays behind to watch them. 

Helen collects money from Ben's dad who has been giving her money in exchange for her confidentiality. 

Ben takes Ryn to get a fake ID and then teaches her to drive at her request. Ben wonders if the way he feels about Ryn has nothing to do with her Siren song. 

Xander tries to get approved for a loan but his request is denied. 

Ryn, Maddie, Ben, and Helen take the mermaids to swim, but everyone from the party jumps in the water with them. After a mermaid causes an injury, Xander lashes out at Ben. 

Ryn and Maddie share a moment in the van but are interrupted when the mermaids barge into the gas station and cause havoc. Ryn talks them down and the former leader of the mermaids goes off on her own.

The gas station attendant goes to the police.

The mermaid comes back with a dead wolf. 

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Siren Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

We're going to get you something that's going to help you get by on land.


Your mother, my sister. Gone. I help you now. You are strong like mother.