South Park Season 5

"Butters' Very Own Episode"

When Butters survives an attempted murder by his mother, he travels back to South Park to make it in time for his parents' wedding anniversary at Bennigan's.

"Kenny Dies"

Kenny contracts a muscular disease and dies permanently on South Park.

"Here Comes the Neighborhood"

Tired of being teased for being rich, Token attracts several wealthy, black families to South Park.

"The Entity"

Kyle's cousin, a stereotypical Jewish kid also named Kyle, comes to visit. Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison creates an alternative to airplane travel.

"How to Eat with Your Butt"

When Cartman puts a picture of Kenny's butt on a milk carton, a family of butt faces come to South Park looking for their lost son.

"Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants"

The boys go to Afghanistan to return a goat they received as a gift. The boys try to defend America and go up against Bid Laden.


In order to get back their video game system, the boys must bring a talking towel to the government.

"Proper Condom Use"

When the boys are found playing red rocket with the dogs, the schools are forced to teach sex education and a gender war begins.


Kyle gets a hemorrhoid and begins to lose faith in God while Cartman inherits a million dollars that he uses to build an amusement park.

"Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow"

The boys try to reunite Terrance and Philip so they can perform at an Earth Day assembly.

"Scott Tenorman Must Die"

Cartman tries to get revenge on Scott Tenorman after the older kid tricked him.

"Super Best Friends"

When a David Blaine cult comes to South Park, it's up to Stan, Jesus and the Superfirneds to stop them.

"Cripple Fight"

Big Gay Al is fired as scoutmaster due to being homosexual; A new handicap boy, Jimmy, becomes Timmy's enemy.

"It Hits the Fan"

When a television crime drama uses the word "shit" uncensored, the whole town of South Park begins using it, causing people to die of plague.

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South Park Season 5 Quotes

Kyle: Alright, Cartman, what's so important that you had to pull us away from lighting cow crap on fire?
Cartman: Oh, you guys, you're not gonna believe it!
Stan: What?
Cartman: Guess what I have, sitting in my backyard.
Kyle: A trampoline?
Cartman: Better.
Stan: A boat?
Cartman: Better.
Kenny: (muffled) A football machine?
Cartman: Better.
Stan: Well, what, Cartman?
Cartman: Thirty-three aborted fetuses. (Stan,Kyle and Kenny look at him blankly) Oh yes.
Kyle: (closes his eyes) What?!
Cartman: Mint-condition, tax-free.
Stan: Cartman, what the hell are you doing with aborted fetuses?
Kyle: I'm leaving, right now.
Cartman: Well, I guess you don't watch the news, Kyle.
Kyle: You've never watched the news, fat-ass! What the hell does that have to do with anything?!
Cartman: Stem-cells, numb-nuts.
Stan: Stem-cells?
Kyle: Oh, and what do you know about stem-cells?
Kenny(muffled): What the f--k are stem-cells?
Kyle: They're cells that come from fetuses, and some research shows that they could be used to treat diseases.
Cartman: It's been proven, Jew! I saw it on 321 contact, and with all the research that's going on, stem-cells are worth three times their weight in gold. What I have in my backyard, is an aborted treasure chest.
Kyle: I hate you, so much.

Ohhh, the tears of unfathomable sadness, mmm, yummy yummy you guys!

</i> Cartman