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A benched Andy and recently returned Ryan help out after a female neighbor badly injures herself while doing the dishes.

Ryan calls Pruitt, who takes the woman to the hospital. Andy and Ryan stay and watch her children.

While at the apartment, Ryan confesses he came back to Seattle because Jenna cheated on him after he admitted he still loves Andy. Andy, though, states she has intense feelings for Sullivan.

At the end of the episode, the woman's son picks up his mother's loaded gun and accidentally shoots Ryan. He lays on the floor bleeding, waiting for help to come.

The new fire chief visits Station 19 and leaves the crew skeptical after his visit. The chief wants Sullivan to be battalion chief, but Pruitt threatens Sullivan's chances if the captain doesn't end his relationship with Andy.

Later, the firefighters are called to a department store fire caused by exploding fireworks, which triggers painful memories from Ben's past.

During the incident, Ben repeatedly disobeys Sullivan's orders and tells his captain he wants to implement a physician response team at the firehouse.

Maya advocates for herself and her career, explaining to Sullivan why she should be made captain upon his promotion to battalion chief.

While Andy is benched, a new firefighter named Rigo Vasquez takes her place and clashes with the firefighters at Station 19.

Later in the episode, Jack unknowingly sleeps with Vasquez's wife.

Station 19
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Station 19 Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Dean: He looks like a sex offender.
Maya: The new chief is a cop?
Dixon: Former cop, not sex offender.
Dean: Um, I thought that was live because news conferences are usually live.

Dean: Herrera, heads up.
Vasquez: It’s Vasquez.
Dean: You took Herrera’s spot; you take her name.
Vasquez: You think us Latinos are all the same?
Dean: Hilarious.
Vasquez: I forgot it’s all PC, kumbaya crap here on the A shift.
Vic: We prefer A team, actually.
Vasquez: I’m sure you do. Over on the B shift, we call you guys “The View” because there’s one of everything. There’s two of you though.
Jack: At what point are well allowed to hit this guy?