Station 19 Exclusives

Station 19 Quotes

Dean: I can't die before I tell the only woman I want to be her mother that I love her.
Ben: What now? JJ?
Dean: No.
Ben: Condola?
Dean: No, Victoria Hughes.
Ben: What?
Dean: I’m in love with Victoria Hughes, man. I’m about to die, and I never told her. And she’ll never, and I’ll never know, as crazy as it sounds, if she’d been into it too. We could have lived happily ever after.

Maya: I’m the truck.
Carina: I’m sorry. I’m not very good at American idioms.
Maya: I’m the truck. I’m the truck that drunkenly plowed into Station 19 and destroyed an entire family.
Carina: Hey, hey.
Maya: I’m the truck.