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Kara and Alex arrive home to their mom's house in Midvale. 

Kara tries to get Alex to open up, but she isn't ready to talk. 

We flash back 10 years ago to young Alex and young Kara arguing. The two sisters did not always get along so well. 

Young Kara sneaks out at night to meet her friend Kenny. Alex is angry when she gets back. She blames Kara for her dad being gone. 

The next morning Kenny is found dead. 

Kara goes to the crime scene, and Alex surprises her. Alex admits that he was helping her with calculus. They work together to find Kenny's laptop and see what he was hiding. They find a photo of their teacher kissing Alex's best friend. 

Alex confronts Josie, who tells her that Mr. Bernard didn't kill Kenny.

Alex and Kara are run off the road by a speeding car. Kara saves Alex with her powers. 

Kara gets in trouble for using her powers and is told that she's putting Eliza and Alex in danger when she uses them. Kara says all she wants to do is help people, but no one will let her. 

Alex learns that Bernard isn't the one who ran them off the road. 

Alex goes to tell the sheriff, just as Kara discovers he's dirty from Kenny's laptop. He pulls a gun on Alex. 

Kara uses her powers to rescue Alex. 

In the present, Kara and Alex share a moment over Kenny's telescope before heading back home. 





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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Eliza: I made coffee in case this turns into a teary all-nighter.
Kara: You don't have to stay up.
Eliza: Well, this is the mom fine print. When your child's in agony, you show up regardless the hour.

Okay, you are edging on mean drunk, and I only signed up for sad drunk.