Supergirl Round Table: Home Is Where The Heart Is

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Through a series of flashbacks, we learned how Alex and Kara's bond grew so strong on Supergirl Season 3 Episode 6.

Sadly, they forged their bond out of a tragedy, and our roundtable debates whether it would have happened eventually anyway. 

Below, TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Andy Behbakht, Jay Ruymann, and Kathleen Wiedel also discuss the casting choice of young Kara and young Alex, Mon-El's return, and their favorite moments. 

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What did you think of young Alex and young Kara? Were you happy with the casting choice?

Christine: I thought the casting choices were perfect. I never questioned that these were the teenage versions of Alex and Kara. I enjoyed their fights as much as their making up.

And I couldn’t help but laugh when Kara used her powers to beat Alex to the bathroom in the mornings because that’s something that sisters would do.

Andy: David Rapaport, who is the amazing casting director for the whole Arrowverse, nailed it once again. It's because of these two actresses that I hope we get more flashbacks throughout the season as they were a lot of fun to follow.

Jay: It was uncanny how alike these younger actors were to Melissa and Chyler. I never questioned whether this was Alex and Kara, it was just believable.

Kathleen: Oh, A+ to the casting department, no question. Those two girls were not only amazing doppelgangers for Alex and Kara, they nailed the characters and brought those flashbacks to life.

What do you think Alex and Kara's relationship would be like if Kenny hadn't been murdered?

Christine: I’m sure they would have grown closer as they grew up. Adolescence is hell, and it could be even worse trying to navigate it with super powers you are supposed to hide (or a sister with superpowers.)

But Alex and Kara are both good at their core. They would have found a common bond somewhere along the way; it’s just unfortunate that in this case, Kenny lost his life to bring them together.

Andy: I pretty much agree with Christine, I believe they would have still found that strong bond that they have today.

Jay: I don’t know if I agree with the first two.

If their lives had continued to progress the way they were going without Kenny’s sudden death and the mystery revolving around that, I don’t think anything would have driven them together, so no, I don’t think they’d have a sisterly bond today if he hadn’t have been murdered.

Kathleen: I'm on the fence here. Remember how Alex was when J'onn recruited her for the DEO? She was in a seriously bad place. Part of me wonders whether he had a larger role in repairing their relationship than Kenny's unfortunate demise.

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Did you enjoy the flashbacks? Were you at all disappointed they didn't spend more time in the present?

Christine: Once the flashbacks got started, I was so immersed in the story that I never thought about what was happening in the present. I wouldn’t want the show to do this too often, but I really enjoyed the look back at Alex and Kara’s younger days.

Andy: I loved them even more than I thought I would. It was honestly a nice break from everything we have gotten in Season 3 so far. Anytime I can get some Alex/Kara focus is when the show is at its best.

Jay: I wish there were more time in the present because the ending of the episode didn’t seem earned for the amount of time we spent in the present.

Kathleen: Fair point to Jay, but I also agree with Christine about getting into the flashback portion of the story. It was definitely engrossing and well worth the time.

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How do you feel about Mon-El's return next week?

Christine: I’m grateful. I was afraid we’d go most of the season before we got back around to finding Mon-El. I’ve always liked him, and I’ll be happy to have him back, plus, no matter how it turns out, Kara really needs some answers or a sense of closure.

Andy: It will be intriguing to see what Mon-El will be like when we see him next week. I have to say that I applaud the writers for actually having kept Mon-El off the show for as long as they did. I always imagined he would be back within 3-4 episodes in the new season.

Jay: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all? In short, I’m not looking forward to it. The Mon-El-free episodes have been really good this season.

Kathleen: Sorry, Jay, I'm with the others on this one. Regardless of one's feelings on the character, Mon-El has become an important part of the series and in Kara's life and character development.

While I'm not necessarily thrilled with the way Mon-El was previously handled in terms of his own character, I am hopeful that his return will provide an interesting opportunity for his own character development. What's he been up to, after all? Is he the same Mon-El who left Earth?

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Christine: I loved when young Kara pointed out that the kids crying over Kenny’s death never even knew him or liked him.

I had a similar experience as a teenager when a fellow student was killed in an accident, and I couldn’t believe how many people were crying over her death when they barely gave her the time of day in life.

Andy: When young Alex and Kara were investigating together, without a doubt. Also, the scene at the end when they started driving home, that just warmed my heart.

Jay: Younger Kara captured the same heartbreak we see in present Kara when she thought her mother was in the Danvers’ living room. It was beautiful and great acting on her part.

Kathleen: "Before you crashed in that pod, I had a great life. With two great parents. Now all I have is you. And you are not worth it."

So much pain and anger and angst wrapped up in such a brief moment! I was also a fan of how J'onn visited while in disguise, reaffirming his commitment to keeping his promise to Jeremiah Danvers.

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