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On the season premiere of Supernatural…

Sam is looking for Crowley, trying to find where his brother went.

He gets a potential lead on a case, before realizing the killer is Dean, and he’s a demon.

Crowley and Dean are hanging out at a bar, singing karaoke, drinking and having sex. Crowley wants to move on and use Dean to rule Hell. He admits that he is sending Abaddon follows after him to keep his skills sharp.

To try and push Dean into going, he tells him Sam has tracked them to the bar.

On his way, Sam’s car breaks down. He is captured by a mysterious military man looking for Dean. Unfortunately, Dean isn’t interested in going after Sam, though he says he will kill the guy.

Castiel, still getting sicker, goes with Hannah to retrieve some angels who won’t go back to Heaven. They manage to kill one, but are injured in the process.

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