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On Supernatural Season 13 Episode 8, Sam and Dean got a cryptic message from a demon named Barthamus who informed the guys he could help them find Jack. Unfortunately it wasn't going to be easy getting the key to finding Jack as Barthamus wanted the guys to help him, and his team, retrieve a mysterious trunk which was being held hostage by a crazy man named Luther. 

The gang gets to Luther's property, but he was waiting for them to show up. Luther is first able to get the upper hand when it came to Sam, and than he went after Dean. Thankfully, Sam was able to recover from the knockout in time to save Dean while also informing him Luther was immortal while on his property. The guys decide to tie up Luther, and go to retrieve the trunk. 

After getting their hands on the trunk, the guys make a run for it, but Luther is able to get the upper hand yet again and meet the guys out on the road. He informs Sam and Dean they are on the wrong side and the only reason he collects things from demons, and also kills them, is because he made a deal with Barthamus to save his son, but his son ended up dying from drowning. Luther kept leverage over Barthamus by keeping his bones in the trunk.

The guys open the trunk, and when they're about to burn the bones, Barthamus shows up and instantly kills Luther who was off his property. Barthamus tries to make a deal with the guys by offering the other key to saving Jack, but the guys decide to back off on the deal and instead the bones get burned.

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