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On Supernatural Season 14 Episode 5, Sam is concerned when one of the new hunters he sent out on a case goes missing. Sam goes to the body cams he's equipped all the hunters with and is surprised to see Maggie taken by what looks like a ghoul. Sam and Dean head out on the case but are shocked to see Mary and Bobby are already on the case. 

Mary takes Sam aside and lets him know Maggie reached out to them for pointers and when they didn't hear from her they immedately went to go search for her. Bobby lashes out at Sam saying he isn't a good leader because Maggie wasn't prepared to go out on a hunt by herself. Mary tries to mediate between the men and she tells them they are going to split up. Mary and Sam are going to search for Maggie while Bobby and Dean work together. 

Dean tells Bobby Sam is trying his best and he made the right decision in letting Maggie go out on a hunt. Before they can talk more something shaking in a shed catches Dean's attention. Dean goes to investigates and is attacked by what looks like a ghoul but turns out to be some type of projection. 

In the end, Dean realizes they are dealing with a Djinn. When Dean confronts the Djinn he thinks he is talking to Michael. Dean tells him Michael is gone and they begin to fight. The Djinn tells him there are dozen more of him out there in the world and he can't defeat all of them. 

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