Supernatural Season 15 Episode 8 Review: Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven

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The boys have the dark side on their side!

If you haven't yet seen Supernatural Season 15 Episode 8, don't read any further. There are big time spoilers ahead!

You've been warned!

Back in Hell - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 8

I called it in my Supernatural Season 15 Episode 3 Review

Rowena would be back, and she would take over Hell!

She deserves to be the Queen of Hell. It's her rightful place after everything that happened to her son.

(Wouldn't it be great if Crowley came back? Alas, it'll be a cold day in Hell before that happens -- pun intended.)

Rowena was different than she was before she went to hell -- more composed, emotionless almost.

Adam or Michael? - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 8

But she's dedicated to the boys and their mission, and that's the most important thing.

She didn't hesitated when they asked her to help them find Michael.

Hopefully, she stays Rowenda and doesn't become a mirage or a trick of Chuck's.

And that's the concerning thing.

She was quick to help them out which is realistic -- but she was different

Down for the Count - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 8

So, it could mean that she might be a mirage similar to Sue.

Chuck is full of surprises and has no reservations about using whatever he has at his disposal.

For him, this is all a game. It's part of his story.

He's enjoying every minute of it.

Separating Sam and Dean was a smart move on Chuck's part.

If they can't work together then it'll be harder for them to take him down like they planned.

Dean Gets Attacked - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 8

It's also curious that Eileen and Sam are together facing Chuck alone.

It's kind of like a foreshadowing of events to come because Dean mentioned the idea of them as a family earlier.

There's a possibility Sam and Dean won't get back together before Supernatural ends (though not probable), and Sam and Eileen end up with a happily ever after.

That is, if it pleases Chuck.

Or, Dean and the rest of the team can win the fight against Chuck without Sam's help.

Who knows?

Arriving in Hell - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 8

Maybe the Sam and Eileen romance is a plot in Chuck's book. 

Nothing is for sure at this point.

And since Chuck has an idea about what the team has planned for him, and that they were seeking Michael's help, Chuck might already have his playbook in order.

Again, we have to go back to Rowena and the possibility she wasn't Rowena at all but Chuck in disguise.

If that's the case, Chuck knows everything. He might have even arranged for Michael's return and planned for him to join Sam and Dean's team.

Everything is a game to Chuck, and what's real and not in this convoluted game of his is meant to keep us guessing -- and the boys, too even if they don't know it.

Cas Has a Plan - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 8

Michael reacted the way Cas would expect him to after learning about Chuck.

If Michael had readily agreed to help the team out, it would have been suspicious.

However, the fact that Michael was somewhat calm should have been an indicator that it might be part of Chuck's mirage.

After everything, the boys did to Michael, for him not to go berserk, was strange.

Also, there's the issue of Lilith coming to Michael at the diner telling him God wanted to see him.

It smells like a trap even with Cas showing him the truth.

What Are You Saying? - Supernatural

Chuck could very well have told Michael to expect that from Cas.

Another troubling point is Michael's willingness to let Adam talk to Sam and Dean. 

Even at the end, Michael let Adam return so Dean could talk to his brother.

Considering how Michael acted before regarding Adam, it points to it all being part of Chuck's game.

But everything is a guessing game at this point.

Michael isn't to be trusted, and the team needs to be wary.

Facing Michael - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 8

And if the team only has 12 hours to get that nectar they need, why are they wasting it on frivolities? Important ones, yes, but frivolities nonetheless.

Time is ticking.

Since Michael is on their side right now, Dean could have saved his apologies for later.

Get the nectar. Deal with setting wrongs right when you're done with the job.

As urgent as they all made it seem to take down Chuck, it slowed to snail's pace at the end.

Is Dean going to wait for Sam to return before he goes into the portal?

Dean Wants Answers - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 8

In that case, they might as well hang it up now because Sam's not coming back.

And knowing everything that needs, why would Sam even take a side trip with Eileen at this pivotal moment in their quest?

It doesn't make sense as to why none of them are thinking the way they should be thinking.

Donatello was great this hour. His reactions to Michael's actions added some much-needed humor to the seriousness.

However, while this was a decent fall finale, the boys' lack of urgency brought it down a notch.

Cas Fights Demons - Supernatural Season 15 Episode 8

It might have been better had the hour ended with Sam and Eileen in the garage which would've added some danger.

Dean making amends with Adam was great, but it was a touchy-feely scene that could have happened earlier in the hour.

Despite those complaints, I can't wait to see what happens.

Is everything a mirage? 

Do the boys have a chance?

Supernatural returns March 16 -- a Monday -- for its final episodes! Same time. Same channel.

Over to you!

What did you think of the fall finale?

Did you feel a sense of urgency?

Is Michael real, or is he part of Chuck's game?

Will Eileen and Sam find a happily ever after?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven Review

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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 8 Quotes

Eileen: You're worried about me?
Sam: You think I'm being overprotective?
Eileen: A little bit.

That's a winner.