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A group of college girls are camping when strange noises happen and one of the girls gets taken when she investigates.

Sam and Dean are at the bunker eating.

Dean has a nightmare about Sam still being the devil. Or it's a vision -- a cut scene.

Turns out that it was Sam's dream as they were driving in the car on the way to Colorado.

They arrive in Colorado to investigate the mountain lion attacks. The sheriff doesn't think it was a mountain lion.

They question the witness, the one girl who was left. She's in the hospital. Flashback to how she escaped.

Sam gets the nurse out of the room and the girl tells what she saw. Dean thinks it's a werewolf.

They visit the brothers who might be werewolves.

The brothers don't want to touch the silver pen Sam tried to give them to write down their phone numbers.

Dean gets a call from Ashley and they leave. The brothers are angry.

Ashley stays at Sam and Dean's cabin.

The brothers from earlier are waiting outside. They know Ashley is there.

While Dean sleeps, Sam returns and finds that Ashley is gone. She was kidnapped by the werewolf brothers.

Sam and Dean fight the werewolves to save Ashley.

Ashley freaks out and accidentally impales herself but she's not a real person. She gets up.

It's Lilith.

She tells them God sent them and wants the gun back. They end up fighting, but she knocks Sam out. Now it's just her and Dean.

She finds and takes the gun.

Sam tells Dean about his visions and says it was the bullet he shares with God -- that Sam can see God's endings.

Dean contemplates what God's return means for them. Dean is a little freaked out.




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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 5 Quotes

Sam: So you think a person did this?
Sheriff: If he did, he's a monster.

The Colt? Did you really think that would work? Poor, faithful Dean. We both knew it would have to end this way.

Devil Sam